About Suellen

I am an author and speaker with a heart for awakening.  It’s time for God’s church to rise in love and power – to show the world who Jesus truly is. As I have taught and shared with others, it has been clear that there are many who feel the same way and want to be a part of God’s next great revival.

For 23 years my husband and I pastored a church in north Mississippi. The last few years have brought a shift for me. God has called me to begin working with leaders of Awakening to help many learn techniques for getting their messages  to the world.

There are many people who would like to publish a book, or a blog, or a podcast or video. I would lke to help them accomplish those things.

So I have started theSOAR.net (Season of Awakening and Reformation). I hope you will take a look there. I have more than 20 books in print or on Kindle at Amazon.com. I hope you will visit my author page to see what is available.

I would love to connect with you. Feel free to leave a comment at my blog or on one of my social media sites.

And may your journey be forever upward!

Suellen Estes150



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