About This Site

There’s a trumpet blowing in the land. Do you hear it? Its sound comes in many ways. For some it sounds like a still, small voice. For others it might come as a significant dream. Or possibly a general restlessness – a dissatisfaction with the status quo. The trumpet sounds in many different ways, but the sound-source is the same. God is stirring hearts and calling those who are His.

His call is to a deeper relationship with Him. He wants not only our lives to be His on Sundays, or when it’s convenient. Our Father wants our lives to be lived with Him every day – every hour. He has many plans for us. There’s much to do; much to say. He is assembling His team. He is awakening His church.

This move of God is different from those in the past. He is building on the great revivals and awakenings which have gone before. But new elements are appearing. One of the new elements is that many “no name” believers will rise up to their ordained positions. There will be only one “Super Hero,” and His name will be Jesus.

Connections will be important. Our Creator wants us to honor each other and network for the fulfillment of His purposes. So that’s where this site fits in. In the months to come I will be sending out messages for this great awakening. There will be blog posts from myself and others. There will be book reviews and interviews connecting people across the miles. In the future I would like to feature special meetings and a calendar of events.

Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. That’s the idea. As we sharpen and encourage each other, we can always accomplish more.

Blessings to you – and may you hear the trumpet!

Suellen Estes150