bluebird-600Okay, I’ve heard you!

Many people want to join us on the prayer initiative, but because of busy schedules can’t keep up with intense study everyday. So I’m easing up a bit. I will be blogging a couple of days a week..

Those of you who have more time will be able to delve more deeply into the topics we introduce.

So here goes.

Do you ever think of something you did or said 10 years ago – something you wish you hadn’t done or said- and feel a wave of guilt flow over you? I have. In fact, there have even been times when I would wake up during the night with such things on my mind, and not be able to go back to sleep. Have you?

Well God wants us to cut that out!

You see, when Jesus went to the cross, He took our sin with Him. He traded with us: our sin for His righteousness (our right-standing with God). He totally cleansed us and made us new.

II Corinthians 5: 17-18

If any man be in Christ he is a new creature. Old things are passed away and behold new things have come – and all these things are from God.

I know that it’s hard to comprehend such, but it is true. And if you have never experienced the joy which comes from receiving His gift, you have some surprises ahead. Sometimes at our church retreats we have written down all of our guilty moments, prayed over them, and then ceremoniously burned them in in a bonfire. You might want to try that! It’s freeing!

Now, of course, I am not talking about living a sinful life. (We’ll talk more about that later). I am talking about receiving the forgiveness Jesus provided.

Psalm 116:12-13

What shall I render to the Lord for all His benefits toward me? I shall lift up the cup of salvation and call upon the name of the Lord.

Our new walk with Jesus  frees us from guilt. There is nothing that can catapult our confidence into new levels like truly drinking from this cup. Then when we make mistakes, we ask and receive forgiveness, ask Him to cleanse us from unrighteousness, and continue in our confident walk. When we allow this attitude to prevail, we find ourselves walking away from sin – not toward it. We also find ourselves more aware of His presence than ever before.

Today why don’t we let go of all that guilt? Take some time to write down a list of past sins. Also write down your feelings of inadequacy – anything that bothers you. Hold the list up to Jesus and ask for forgiveness. Then thank Him for it. Finally, you might burn the list, or shred it. Let it go.

Lift up that cup of salvation and drink. That’s what our Lord wants – for us to receive the gift.The precious blood of Jesus has the power to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Now don’t you feel free? I do!