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   It’s Time for You to Write That Book 2.0

with Suellen Estes

Webinars 5A, 5B, 5C and 5D

Webinar 5A: Details Make Your Book Professional

Webinar 5B:  What Goes in the Front of Your Book

Webinar 5C: Design your Book with MS Word Styles

Webinar 5D: Publish Your Book with Amazon’s KDP

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Transcripts,  Homework and E-Books

Grow Your Profits with E-Books


Master the Art of Writing E-Books to Enhance Your Effectiveness

Session 5D Publish Your Book with Amazon’s KDP

Engage Your Mind


Tips for Greater Focus on Your Project

Creating Irresistible Content


Tips for Maximizing Your Impact

Start With a Blog


Let Your First Book Be a Collection

of Your Outstanding Articles

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