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It’s Time For You To Write that Book 2.0




        Webinar Transcripts

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Webinar 1A: Your Best Book Begins with Great Planning

Webinar 1B: Grab Your Readers’ Attention with a Terrific Introduction

Webinar 2A: Learn How to Research Your Topic

Webinar 2B: Picture and Stories will Wow Your Readers

Webinar 3A: Finding a Way to

Find the Time to Write Your Book

Webinar 3B: Early Marketing Tips

to Expand Your Reach

Webinar 4A: Finish Strong with

Your Final Sprint

Webinar 4B: Discover This Treasure Trove

For an Abundance of Ideas

Webinar 5A: Final Details for

Your Professional Book

Webinar 5B: Make a Fine Impression

With the “Front Matter”

Webinar 5C: Designing Your Book with

Microsoft Word Styles

Webinar 5D: Publishing, Print, and Sell

Your Book with Amazon KDP

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  Tips and Ideas for a Great Writing Experience

Plus 4 E-Books to Enhance Your Writing