I Kings 1-2

Those transitions are rough, aren’t they? There is always someone waiting in the wings to take over the kingdom. So Adonijah tries it this time, and at first, looks like he is succeeding.

But wait, God has another plan.

When we are reading all of this history, with all of its bloodshed, it’s important to remind ourselves why these people are so important to God. His plan is working even when it doesn’t look like it.

The real reason that these Israelites are so important is that through His covenant with Abraham, God has been raising up a strong nation for His purpose. That nation will eventually bring the Savior of the world into the earth. In order to do that, He has brought the law and His prescriptions for walking in His way.

Even though he isn’t a perfect man – not by a long shot – David is God’s man, and he has certain attributes which are desirable in a man of God. One of those attributes is that he keeps his word.

As David charges his son, Solomon, to take over the throne, he reminds him of his responsibility.

“Keep the charge of the Lord your God, to walk in His ways, to keep His statutes, His commandments, His ordinances, and His testimonies, according to what is written in the law of Moses, that you may succeed in all that you do and wherever you turn.”(2:3).

So the throne is passed to Solomon, the son of Bathsheba. This in itself is interesting, isn’t it? Bathsheba is the one with whom David had had an adulterous relationship.

The choice shows God’s mercy. David had repented for this great sin, and the sin was forgiven.

When God forgives us, we are truly forgiven. The slate is washed clean, and we are ready for our new assignments.

He is indeed a faithful and merciful God to those who are in covenant with Him.

Luke 19:28-48

Do you have “ears to hear and eyes to see?” Are you tuned into God’s Spirit so that you can understand spiritual things?

That’s what the Pharisees lacked in the days of Jesus.

As He stood upon the hill above Jerusalem, Jesus wept. Sorrow filled His heart because the Jews didn’t “recognize the time of their visitation.”(v.44)

You might say, “Why didn’t they?” These Jews were scholars who studied the scriptures. They thought that they knew God’s Word. Why didn’t they recognize the Day?

It has to do with the heart of man. They approached the Word with an attitude of pride, and not humility. They wanted to draw attention to themselves as they demanded the place of respect. They honored men more than God. They weren’t tuned in to God’s Spirit.

Today we have the same. There are men and women who are supposedly representing God, who are actually enemies of the cross.

Wow! Those are tough words!

Tough, but true. Instead of listening to God and representing His Word, these people are filled with human wisdom – and not God’s wisdom. They change the Word to suit their own pleasures – and as such, put themselves in a higher place than they should.

Today, Jesus is not here in body, but He is in Spirit. His Holy Spirit lives in the heart of men and women who have received Him, and He is teaching His own, when they will listen.

I want to be a listener, don’t you? I want to hear from God’s Holy Spirit and receive His Word. I want to know what He is saying to me, and I want to take heed to those Words.

I want to be able to recognize the days in which we are living – and to make the most of them.