Cardinal-babies-600Exodus 12, 13

The first Passover is instituted for the Israelites, and it is loaded with symbolism for us.

The entire story of the Hebrews’ deliverance is a type for the new birth to be provided by Jesus. Pharoah is like the Devil, holding people in bondage. God’s mighty hand is what delivers them from bondage.

On the first Passover night, the Israelites were instructed to cover their doorpost with the blood of their sacrifice – a symbol of the blood of Jesus today. We are covered by the blood of Jesus, and that keeps us from harm by the enemy.

Then the sacrifice of a “perfect lamb” is a type for the eventual sacrifice of the perfect Lamb od God, who saves us from our sins and delivers us from the powers of darkness.

The people were to eat their passover meal with their loins girded and their feet shod. (A type for the armor of God we wear.) They were also to eat it in haste, for they were about to leave Egypt.

This huge crowd of people, who didn’t believe Moses when he first arrived, had seen God’s power during the plagues. Now they were ready to listen and obey God as He called them to leave the land.

So they did it! They “plundered” the Egyptians, as the Egyptians gave them everything they asked for – their silver, gold, and other merchandise. And they walked out of there.

What an amazing sight that must have been.

Matthew 18:1-20

Become like a child. That concept is one of the hardest for western minds to wrap around. We want to be strong, powerful, and admired. We want to rise to the top. Why would we ever want to be like a child?

Yet that humility is so important if we are ever to receive from God. In Jesus” day, the Pharisees were like we are. They wanted to be in the first place. They wanted everyone to think that they knew it all.

To receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you have to be humble. You have to realize that you need a Savior – and you have to be teachable by the Holy Spirit. If you think you already know everything, you will not be able to receive what God has for you.

Stay teachable, and you will receive from your Father.