When I first began my search for truth, God began to speak to me in unusual ways. (At least they were unusual for me at the time).

In January, 1981, American hostages were being held in Iran. The Embassy had been overthrown and all the government workers had been held captive for more than a year…a tense situation indeed.

One night, just as my head hit the pillow, a voice said, “What if you could send a coded message to the hostages with a perfect plan of escape?” Of course, I said, “That would be great!” But I have to admit, I was confused by the thought.

Then an explanation: “That’s what I have done with My Word. It is a coded message sent to help My people escape from the mundane existence of their lives. As they read it, and allow Me to decipher it for them, they will also escape into the joyous, purposeful plan I have for them.”

With those words, an overwhelming realization hit me. I had thought of the Bible as a history book, or one which recorded man’s relationship with God, but never had I seen it in this new light: a book to help us escape into the purposeful life God has for us. Wow!

I got out of bed and went into my den to think about this new concept. What a miracle! I began to see, for the first time, the significance of the Bible. God had indeed inspired those words for our benefit. I would not take it lightly, but I would study it and allow it to speak to me.

Many years have passed, and I can say my love and appreciation for this miracle of God have only grown. As I read it, words leap off the page – giving me hope, faith, correction, direction, and insight into the life I want to live.

Now another challenge to you. Maybe you already see the Bible in this light. If so, ask God to help you to be faithful in your study and application. If you have never believed in the Bible, begin to read it anyway, and ask God to show you its truth. He will speak to you in unprecedented ways, leading you into your own understanding of Him and His Word.

If you would like to share your experiences, feel free. We can all learn from each other.