You Are One Of His Favorites

We have begun our Journey To Confidence In Prayer. You may be wondering about the direction we are taking. Yet everything we are covering is essential for a great prayer life. First we have to be honest with ourselves and determine where we are in our journey. Then we have to make sure that Jesus is truly our Lord. We want our eyes open to God’s plan and we can only do this if we do it His way. For our prayers to be answered the way we want we have to have faith in God, so every step we take is part of the process of building our faith.

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Day 1: Take A Prayer Self-Assessment

11-6-25-gold finch-crIt’s here: the day to begin our 28-day prayer focus. Whether you are a beginner in spiritual things or one who has had a close walk with the Lord for many years, I believe that your walk will be enhanced by this study. We will lay one brick at a time until we have a “prayer fortress” built around us. And with that, we should have much confidence in our ability to pray!

So let’s get started. Today, we need to take a self-assessment to see where we are, Continue reading “Day 1: Take A Prayer Self-Assessment”

“28 Days To Confidence In Prayer”

 The day has finally come for our prayer focus to begin, and I believe that this will be a significant project for all of us. One of the most important attributes of a Christian’s walk is the ability to pray. As God works with us, we can literally see lives turned around, disasters abated, and regions transformed. Throughout history there are many testimonies to confirm this. Yet, you may say, “I’m not sure that my prayers are accomplishing such greatness.” Well, hang on. This focus is just for you. We are going to be building over the next 28 days a prayer fortress in your life. You will gain confidence in your prayers and in your significance for God’s purposes. Continue reading ““28 Days To Confidence In Prayer””

How Is Your Relationship With God?

So how do you rate your relationship with God? Do you know Him? Do you talk to Him? Do you hear Him speak to you? Do you get up in the morning with exhilaration over another day to spend with Him? I’ve walked with my Creator for many years now and there is one thing of which I am certain: all of us have room to grow in our relationship with Him. Whether you are a beginner or a teacher of many there is always more to learn about Him and there is always a deeper fellowship to be obtained. Continue reading “How Is Your Relationship With God?”

2012: Let’s Run This Race

As the new year has been humming along for the past two weeks, I have found myself in a unique place. It has seemed like I have been standing on a very tall tower overlooking the new horizon. And I want to tell you, “It looks glorious!” I see God revealing Himself in an unprecedented way and in unusual events. And I see people who were dubious about the whole “religious thing,” having encounters with Him which change their mindsets forever. I see Christians waking up from their stupor and finding the fire they once had. I see a great awakening and a great transformation being spawned. Continue reading “2012: Let’s Run This Race”

More About The Ramp

Yesterday I talked about the powerful ministry occuring  at The Ramp in Hamilton, AL. Karen Wheaton is the founder and CEO. But there are others who have joined with Karen to make this outreach so successful. One of those most involved with the endeavor is Damon Thompson, a native of Alabama who moved to Hamilton in order to accomplish God’s plan. He preaches regularly -with messages which go to the heart of the young and old alike to wake up and live their lives for their Creator. Continue reading “More About The Ramp”

God’s Moving

It’s so exciting to see some of what God is doing around our territory. The Lord called us to Mississippi several years ago. We have loved being here, but have hated some of the derogatory concepts many have had concerning our beloved land. There have been many mistakes, and I am sure that some embarrassments have been deserved. However, God has known some things about our region that others have not. Continue reading “God’s Moving”

It’s Time To Soar

Are you ready to soar with God? Would you like to? He’s ready if you are.

 So what do I mean by the word “soar?” My husband, Mickey, has used the analogy of a hotair balloon. When we focus on our Father God and His Word, and when our lives are truly committed to Him, our perspective changes. The air of His Spirit lifts us up above the circumstances. We are no longer looking around – eye-level with the problems and evils of the world. We see things through God’s eyes. We understand the hurts and frustrations of those who hurt  us. We know that there is a bigger plan for us than the petty day-to-day routines of life. We have purpose and we have power – power to overcome challenges;  power which can only come from our Creator. Continue reading “It’s Time To Soar”

A New Day Dawning

There is a trumpet sounding in the land…. Do you hear it? You’ll have to listen closely because there is so much other noise – loud noise. This trumpet sound is more subtle, but if you hear it, it will be the most powerful sound you’ll ever hear. Some call it a “still, small voice.” Others identify it as a dream or vision. Many more may even think of it as an inner “knowing.” However it comes, it heralds the same message. God is calling many to wake up to Him, to their place in the earth, and to a life of tremendous purpose. Continue reading “A New Day Dawning”