Desperate To Learn How To Pray?

Are You Desperate To Learn How To pray?

  • Do you have problems at work?
  • Do you have problems with your  relationships?
  • Do you have financial problems?
  • Do you have health problems?
  • Do you have problems with your children or spouse?

In your heart you know there is a problem, yet you don’t know what to do about it. You spend many sleepless nights, worrying. You might try to pray, but you feel like your prayers are hitting the ceiling. You don’t know why God doesn’t seem to be helping you more?

You are not alone. There are many people just like you – even many christians – who are desperate for the answers they need. But don’t give up!

If you have lost your hope, read on. Here is your hope!

Suellen Estes

A few weeks ago, my four adult children, their spouses, and 10 of my grandchildren gave me a spectacular birthday party. Our evening was filled with laughter as we dined in a fine Atlanta restaurant. I looked around the long table and thanked God for my exceptional family. Everyone of them is living a happy, productive, and sober life. We have truly been blessed.

However, this hasn’t always been our story. Several years ago, my life seemed to be in chaos. Having been raised in a Christian home, with wonderful parents, my life took a turn which was most unexpected. Divorce, financial problems, and depression all seemed to be pouring in on me when I suddenly had a turnaround. An encounter with Jesus changed everything. And step by step I learned how to pray and how to appropriate the best that God has for me.

Our God is a wonderful God, and He has great things in store for all of those who allow him to truly be their God.

That’s where my book, Forever Upward: A Mother’s Journey Through Prayer, comes in.When you are dealing with external factors like finances or other people, you cannot “make things happen” your way.

But what you cannot do, God can!

  • You cannot give anyone a dream, but God can!
  • You cannot orchestrate special encounters with “just the right person,” but God can!
  • You cannot bring people in contact with TV shows, movies, videos, or magazines which speak to their hearts, but God can!

God knows you and your loved ones better than you do, and He can get the job done.
What you can do is pray for yourself, and pray for  them, when they don’t know how to pray for themselves. Your prayers will get God on the scene.

So, what’s so special about Forever Upward?

Forever Upward contains step-by-step guidance on prayer and how to establish God’s purpose as you do it. The Bible is full of wisdom which teaches us about prayer. As I was in distress over my own daughter, I turned to God, who enlightened me as to how to pray. Those are the principles I share in the book. As you read Forever Upward, you will begin to see clearly how to pray, what to pray, and even why we pray. As you apply the principles you will learn, you should see God’s hand in your son’s or daughter’s life, just as He was in mine.You’ll see God’s hand in the rest of your family and friends. You’ll see God’s hand in your work environment.

As you read, you will meet Harvey and June Lancet, who didn’t meet God until they were in their mid-40′s and their sons were already hooked on drugs. In fact, the teenagers were robbing stores to finance their habits. To the outside world, the sons seemed totally beyond any hope. But June and Harvey grabbed hold of their new-found understanding of God, and they were determined to stick with their prayers until they saw a change. It took some time, but they finally saw what they had been praying for – and more!

You will meet Amanda, whose daughter had anorexia. Olivia was at the very point of a life-threatening condition when Amanda’s prayers came through. As God had shown her how to pray, her daughter’s life was spared. Olivia suddenly “woke up,” and realized that she needed the help.

You will also meet many others who learned to pray as their sons and daughters faced illness, alcoholism, drug addiction, and divorce. In each case, you will see how these people learned to give the situation to God and to pray as He led them. In every case there was powerful transformation!

Here’s What People Are Saying


  I wish I could get up on an platform with a megaphone and shout, “Mothers, if you have lost hope, here is your hope.” After reading this book, I know that there is no situation too far gone for God

S.S., Mississippi

All we needed to do was reach up, grab hold, and not let go!


I read this book again and again, and found my faith growing every time. The turn around for me was more than I could have hoped for.

It’s amazing to realize that God has been there for us all the time. All we needed to do was reach up, grab hold, and not let go!

A.L., Atlanta

I realized that with God all things are possible

As I read Forever Upward, I felt like Suellen was sitting at the kitchen table talking to me. I loved hearing all the stories of lives changed through prayer. I know so many people whose lives would be better if they would take hold of the inspiration in this book. I realized that with God, all things are possible.              M.S., St. Simons Island, GA


Do you think that this book is for you?

Maybe you are not a Christian and you don’t believe that God would hear your prayers.

Forever Upward  shares my story about how I came to meet God and how I learned to pray. You will be encouraged to realize that God does care for you, and He wants to help you also.

Maybe you think that everything that happens is God’s will, so prayer would not change anything.

I agree with John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church who said, “I have come to believe that God does nothing on earth unless someone first prays.” As you read the book you will find out why such a statement was made.

Maybe you think that your situation is different. You think that your son or daughter has gone too far. There is no hope for them. Or maybe you think your finances are beyond repair. Maybe you think there is no hope for you on your job.

In Forever Upward you will learn that no one is ever “too far gone.” As long as someone is alive, there is hope – and with God, there is great hope! Remember, He can do what we can’t. As you pray, God will bring opportunities for change and empowerment to do it.

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