David-sHave you noticed that there is a lot of “newness” around these days? It’s the new year, of course, but it’s more than that.  As I have been talking to people, there is a freshness and excitement in the air.

There are new assignments and new challenges. Many have felt a fresh presence of the Lord as they have gone about their lives.

There is a sense that God is about to do some things in the earth which will demonstrate His love and His purposes.

I love it!

So what do we do to seize the moment? Several things, I think.

First, we stay tuned to the Lord and what He is saying. The foundation of that, of course, is His written Word. Everything else has to be based on that. It’s a good time to begin – or continue with study of His Word – and other books or podcasts which expand our understanding.

Second, we spend time in prayer.  Not only do we want the general word; we also want that specific word. That’s where our direction will be fine-tuned and clear. What is God saying to us personally? That word is so significant.

Do I mean that He changes the general Word for individuals? Of course not. The truth is the truth is the truth.

However, each one of us has a part – very specific to our gifts, our location and culture, and our time.

Acts 17:26 And He made from one, every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined their appointed times and the boundaries of their habitation.

Let that sink in. It is no accident that you live where and when you do. You are special – and unique – to our Father, and He has plans which line up with these seemingly random things about us. They are not random at all – they are part of the purpose.

Very often, however, we have a hard time understanding that we are part of the plan. Many of us think that there are some who are “called” to the ministry, and everyone else just hangs out.

Not so.

If you are a believer in Jesus, you have a call on your life. It might not be to stand in a pulpit, or to have a television program promoting the Gospel. Your part could be sharing with those who are hurting from abuse. Or those who are desperately trying to overcome addiction. Or children who are lacking in guidance.

Which brings me to the third item on our list. Look around you. You will see people who need you – or words which need to be spoken to those closest to you. When we lift up our eyes, it is amazing what we see. Very often what we see around us is God showing us our part.

With your seeing, there will be a nudging of the Holy Spirit for you to step out in faith and fulfill your call. Each tiny moment you spend sharing or giving or praying is part of the whole.

It takes many drops of water to make up a river, but each drop is a part of the whole. When drought comes and rivers begin to show their dusty banks, it is obvious that rain needs to come. Yet we all know that rain comes in individual drops. Even a great downpour consists of individual drops of water – just many of them.

So it’s time for lots of people to rise to their call. We are all important to God – and to each other.

Let’s create a downpour of God’s purpose in the land around where we live.

Will you join me? I’m sure that you will!

Forever Upward!

Suellen Estes150