11-6-25-gold finch-crI hope that you have been following the posts. If you have, you might have wondered why, when we said that we were going to be talking about prayer, we have been seemingly talking about everything else.

But hold on. We have a plan. We are laying a sure foundation for a prayer life that will literally change the world around us. For us to be certain about our prayers, we have to establish three things. We have to know Jesus as our Lord, we have to have faith in God’s love for us, and we have to believe in the Bible.So let’s talk some more about the Bible.

We live in a world of relativism. There are many today, even from those who call themselves Christians, who whimsically approach life as if there were no absolute truth. “If it feels good, do it.” ” Look out for number one.” “Pull your own strings.” All of these self-centered, shallow mantras imply that the way to a good life is to make up the rules as we go along,  just pushing our way through to self gratification. As a result, there are many unhappy, unfulfilled, confused people, basing their lives on foundations of sand.

Yet, I would like to shout from the tallest mountain: there is absolute truth, and it is the foundation for your wonderful life! That truth is found in the Bible, which is God’s Word revealed to man.

Recently, I shared my experience which totally changed my thinking about the Bible. My college years, and the years right after, took me down a different path. I studied the Bible and I called myself a Christian, but my thinking and my lifestyle were controlled by intellectualism. I critiqued the Bible, treating it as a history book, but not as a book of truth. I thought it was right sometimes and wrong sometimes – just like any other book. Then I had the encounter described in that blog. What a turnaround!

Some people take the Bible as a history book (as I did), just telling us what happened many years ago. Even some theologians seem to treat it that way. They will do lots of research about the time, place, and culture of the stories – all of which are fine in their place, but there’s more.

Others treat it as a law book, using the Bible to see what God considers “lawful” and “unlawful.” That is not the whole story either.

God’s Word is supernatural. It was spoken to many different people over hundreds of years. Even though men wrote the words, the truths were divinely inspired. This miraculous book contains secrets: knowledge and wisdom we could not know any other way. It contains secrets for our abundant living and secrets for our deliverance. It also contains secrets that will help us bring deliverance to our families and to those around us.

We need more than what man can do for himself. We need God’s power and favor operating in our lives. The Bible, God’s supernatural book, can truly bring His influence and power into your life and into your world.

In fact, I believe that every truth which others seem to “discover,” are truths which were first in the Bible. Some people call it a “law of attraction;” the Bible calls it “believe, and you will receive.” Some talk about the “law of reciprocity,” and the Bible says that “you reap what you sow.” These are the same truths; just different words.

Interestingly, when we allow ourselves to get our truth from the Bible, we have tremendous confidence that not only is it true, but that it will work for us.

My desire for you is that you let God show you the significance of His Word. I pray that your eyes will be opened to see more and to hear Him speak to you more every time you read the scriptures. You might think that you have passed this point many years ago, but there is always more for us to learn.

So let’s read! Start with Isaiah 40:8 and Psalm 119:89-91.