As I scan across the internet and see what people are saying, I find certain themes are prevalent. Many – especially young people – are questioning the existence of God. Is He real? Does He speak to us? And what about Jesus? What is He all about? Is He a myth?

These questions are sometimes posed outright, but more often implied in the views which are expressed. Furthermore, peoples’ actions give them away. It’s obvious that the many distractions of our age, whether they are career achievements, sports, or social life, can dull the nudge within a person’s heart. Often it seems that people don’t care.

This saddens me, but doesn’t surprise me. There have been so many mistakes by those of us in “organized Christianity.” Hypocrisy, apathy,and in-fighting sometimes have made us poor role models. But the faults of others don’t have to determine your life.

If you are one who is in confusion or if you think you are “too smart” for what’s considered the “norm” in churchiosity, I want to challenge you. I want to challenge you to think for yourself. Turn off the voice of a multitude shouting in your ear, listen to the still small voice within you, and begin to ponder some things for yourself.

You see, if you listen closely, you will realize that there is within you a deep desire to know the truth. In your life, it doesn’t really matter what others believe, what matters is what you believe. What you believe will be your compass which will direct the course of your life. And you are the only one who can set your compass – not your family and not your friends.

So what do you do? How do you find the truth? There are some key steps you can take to find the truth.

  • Ask God to show you the truth. Even if you aren’t sure He is there or will answer you, ask Him anyway. He IS there and He wants to answer an honest heart. So even if you say, “If you’re there, please let me know the truth,” He will answer your earnest request.
  • Begin to spend some time reading the Bible (especially the New Testament in a modern translation), and other books by those who say they know Him. I especially recommend books by Francis Schaeffer, C.S. Lewis, and Josh McDowell. Interestingly, these three represent men who were atheists or unsure of their beliefs, and came to a total commitment to faith in Christ.
  • Commit to yourself that you are going to be authentic in your beliefs. No longer will you just go with the crowd in what they think, but you will be genuine in your beliefs, and you will allow God – and not the masses – to direct your thoughts.

If you will do these three things, you have an adventure ahead. You will begin not only to hear from God, but you will begin to see His hand in your life. My prayer is that as you go forward, you will come to know God in unprecedented ways. May His favor be upon you continually, and may you come to be one of His genuine ones.

Forever Upward!