Ezekiel 7-9

The bottom line is this: there is only one way to God, and it is through Jesus Christ. Period!

To recap what we have been seeing and saying over the last few months, God found a man, Abraham, who would follow Him. He proved this man’s obedience over a period of about 25 years, and then God sent him a son of promise – and a promise that through that son there would be a multitude. Just as promised, the jewish people grew and flourished. They learned of this great God and they learned about what He exzpected of them.

The idea was to instill within this group of people enough knowledge of God and His ways that they would be able to eventually bring His own Son to the earth.

When we come to the time period of Ezekiel, God’s whole plan is in jeapordy. The Jews have gone their own way, and they are worshipping false gods. The less privileged nations around them have all sorts of idols, and this generation has thought it more sophisticated to blend in with their neighbors than to remain faithful to the one true God. (Unbelievers always think that it is more sophisticated not to believe).

So in His faithfulness to Abraham, God intervenes. He demonstrates to Israel that He is the true God, and that there is no other. Of course, at this point, most of the priests and prophets are so corrupt that they spurn God’s reproof. They stil don’t believe, and they suffer the consequences.

But there are a few. As we continue in the next few books of the Bible, we will see some who believe and remain faithful. These are the ones who will reap the benefits of a walk with their God. Even in a foreign land, God will be there with them.

Word after word and demonstration after demonstration will come from Ezekiel. God and His man have such an overwhelming deisre to see the people turn away from their error and back to the Lord.

Hmmm. Does it seem like that is happening today? Something to think about.

Hebrews 12

We have a great cloud of witnesses cheering us on as we run our race.

I love that concept, don’t you? Not only of the crowd cheering us on, but of running a race. I have often thought of our lives as a journey – a trip which we take. There are always twists and turns, surprises as we go along. Some are good and some bad, but they are part of the journey.

The idea is to run a good race. We want our lives to count for God’s kingdom. We want to have a good influence on our families and those around us, and we want to leave a legacy of God’s purpose in the earth.

So when we come to the twists and turns, we must be faithful to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. He is the One who can keep us going and see us through the rocky spots.

Jesus, the author and the finisher of our faith, always has the wisdom and strength available for us to finish well.

So let’s shed the encumbrances and run this race. We can do it! He promises that we can.