Isaiah 43-44

What a contrast between those who trust in God and those who trust in idols!

In western cultures, there are few who build idols out of wood and bow before them. However, there are many who worship the bank accounts they have built – or are building. Or their stock portfolios. Or their houses and cars. They look to the material things for their identity – and for their comfort. Sad, indeed.

Those things which we acquire will never bring true happiness to the heart of man. A little pleasure from time to time, maybe, but not true happiness. Those are modern day idols and they are useless when trying to save a marriage, or help a wayward child, or receive healing for our bodies.

Augustine once said, “There is a God-shaped hole in the heart of every man, and he will never be satisfied until that hole is filled with Him.” I think that is true. People can search for other satisfaction, but there is only One who truly satisfies.

When we seek the One true God, we will be satisfied. And we will have the peace which only comes through Him.

There are many promises which go to those who seek the true God. When we go through the fire, we won’t be burned, and when we go through the floods, we won’t drown. (43:3). Our Lord’s protection will be there – along with His guidance, wisdom, and provision.

All of the promises to Israel are to us also. As we meditate on them, our faith will soar.

I Thessalonians 2

“God alone examines the motives of our hearts.” (V. 4)

Paul is speaking to the Thessalonians, elaborating on his ministry of preaching the good news to the gentiles as well as the Jews. He knows that many Jews misunderstand him – that’s why the persecution.

The same goes today for those of us who wish to be true to the gospel and our call to share it. There will be many who misunderstand. In fact, we may even experience mocking and ridicule from those who reject our Savior.

For us to have lives of integrity before our Creator, we have to have our confidence in Him – and Him alone. If we are living our lives true to Him, there will be times when we will be misunderstood, but that’s okay.

There is only One who judges us, and when others find fault, that’s not our problem.

Only when we come to this realization will we be able to live bold, confident lives.