Psalm 147-150

Today we wind up the book of Psalms and, as one might expect, we wind up on a high note. A high note of praise.

Let everything and everyone praise the Lord. Everything in the earth or above it. Every angel, all His hosts, the sun the moon and the stars, all of His creation –  I mean everything! I love it!

There is another important lesson, however, which is planted in the midst of all the praise. It comes in Psalm 147:15-20. From time to time, as we study the Bible, we come across the concept of God’s Word and its many ramifications. Sometimes it is called “logos,” and sometimes “rhema.” (Those are the Greek words for “word”).

“Logos” means the general Word of God – the Bible and the words on the page which everyone can read. However, “rhema” means something different. It means the spoken Word. It can be spoken out loud for all to hear, or it can be spoken to you personally. When the latter happens, the words leap off of the page and you see something you never saw before – or you are reminded of something you need to hear again right now. You understand the Word.

When I am teaching, I sometimes bring some ice cubes in a glass. In that form, though they are water, they have no ability to reach the roots of a plant. They are water locked up. However, as I teach, they begin to melt and then they can begin to be useful for the watering process.

Psalm 147:15-20 is a good illustration of this concept. God speaks his Word into the earth, but it is locked up. It is icy fragments; snow like wool. No one can understand what He is saying.

Then He speaks again and the ice is melted. The wind of the Holy Spirit blows and the waters begin to flow. This second speaking is “rhema.” He is declaring His Word to His people. Understanding comes to those who are His.

As we study the Bible, we need to pray for “rhema.” We want more than just to read the words on the page; we want to understand it so that we can apply it to our lives.

The “rhema” is what we are counting on from God. That understood Word is what guides our lives and brings us deliverance.

Ask Him for more of His speaking to you personally – opening up the great truths locked up in His Word.

I Corinthians 16

“Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.” (V.13)

These are some of the words Paul leaves with the Corinthians in this letter. And these are words which we should take to heart everyday.

There is always an opposition to our walk with the Lord. There are disappointments and trials. There are also those who mock our faith and try to dissuade us.

We need to be strong – in Him and know that He is our answer in everything. His Word is true whether anyone believes it or not. His path is the right one, even if we see everyone around us going another way.

Be alert and stand strong. That’s how we obtain the good, abundant life He has promised.