Psalm 140-142

 Isn’t it wonderful to know that we can run to our God with anything? Are you fearful? Run to Him. Are you feeling guilty of your sin? Run to Him. Are you not sure what to do next? Run to Him.

Our Father is always on our side. He is always pulling for us and there to help us. His grace  is there to carry us to the next level.

Our job is to be honest with Him. It’s silly to think that we can be otherwise, because he knows our thoughts, our fears, and our weaknesses. Yet many somehow think that they can pretend with God, and He will be fooled.

David really understood the significance of being honest with God. He poured our his heart to the Lord on a regular basis – just as he would a best friend. God was indeed David’s best friend.

Now we come to our century and our own set of issues. Our generation is a “got it all together” generation. We want to be on top of everything and always be ready for the challenge. That attitude can be a source of strength to us when it makes us stand strong and exhibit fortitude. However, that attitude can cause trouble for us if we think that we shouldn’t be honest with our Lord.

You don’t have to tell everybody else what you are going through emotionally and spiritually, but when you run to your God and pour out your heart to Him, He will lift you up like no one else can. He will cause new strength to rise up within you. He will direct your steps, and cause greater victories than ever.

He will never fail you.

I Corinthians 15:1-28

“By the grace of God I am what I am,” says Paul. (V.10). The apostle is addressing the Corinthians and reminding them to “hold fast that Word” which he brought to them.

The word they are to hold on to is the gospel, which he has preached to them. That Christ died for our sins, was buried, rose again the third day, seen by Cephas, the twelve apostles, over five hundred brothers at once, and then by Paul.

Apparently there were in the group at Corinth those who were trying to say that the resurrection had not occurred. Paul is addressing that issue.

If Christ has not been resurrected, then there is no hope for anyone, says Paul. It’s important to know and believe that Christ died and rose again for our sins. He paid the price for the sin debt which was against us. That’s the essence of the gospel.

He now is seated at the right hand of God until every enemy is made His footstool. The last enemy is death – which will eventually be totally done away with.

There will come a time when the kingdom of God will rule the earth as He intends. It may seem hard to believe that when you look around you now, but that is the Word of God, and it will happen in due season.

Until then, let’s remain strong and press toward the high calling of our Father which He has for us in this day.

Forever upward!