I Samuel 19-21

The Lord’s path may not always be easy, but it is sure. If the Lord has made a promise, He will keep it, but, as I said, the path may not be easy.

David surely discovers this after he has been anointed King of Israel. Saul’s jealousy and the demonic influence in his life cause great discomfort to David. Saul is determined to kill the newly anointed king.

Yet you can see God’s hand faithfully giving David favor and discernment, so that his escape is sure.

Favor comes to him through Micah, his wife, and Jonathan, his friend. Each of these defy their father, Saul, in order to save David’s life. They each risk the king’s wrath as they help David escape.

Discernment is what David needs as he runs throughout the land, trying to find safety. Saul’s henchmen are scattered all around so that David has to fabricate his mission – and even his sanity, in order to move freely.

God’s hand is sure, however, and the schemes work out for David’s good. He might not be comfortable, but he is safe.

In our lives, we might see the same thing occur. Our paths might not be comfortable, but God’s plan for us will be sure if we continue to listen to Him and obey. Our God is faithful, and He will bring us to the security of His Word.

Again, our job is to trust and obey.

Luke 11:29-54

In every generation, there have been those who try to turn their worship of God into an outward display of goodness – a show for all to see. Unfortunately, that evil still exists in our generation. It’s part of the fallen nature of mankind.

Pride is the problem. People wanting to be seen as great in the eyes of others will surely fall into this trap. Humility is the key to our walk with God, and that’s so hard for many to understand.

The Pharisees and lawyers who encountered Jesus, flaunted their holy garb and and their positions of authority, yet they were not sincere in what they were doing. They pretended to be pious, for everyone to see, but in reality, they were phonies.

This can be a problem today also. There are many who go to church, dressed in fine clothes, looking great on the outside, whose hearts are not truly to God. They are filled with self-righteousness, gossip, slander, and all sorts of sin. Yet they try to appear holy to those around them.

One of the attributes which stands out with people who are truly holy is their simple faith in their Father. These authentic ones will be like the Queen of Sheba and the people of Ninevah. They will earnestly trust God’s goodness and His Word. They will also see the fruit of that faith as they continue.

I want to be one of the authentic ones. I want the Lord to reveal any areas of my life which are not honest and holy, and I want Him to cleanse me of these things.

The true believers are rising up in this day, and I want to be one!