I Samuel 25-26

We see the natural side of David as he wants to avenge himself for Nabal’s refusal to help him. This rich man, whose herdsmen had been well treated when they were around the places David was hiding, turns a deaf ear to David’s request for help.

Nabal’s wife Abigail, discerning and beautiful, saves her husband’s life and saves David from bloodshed, as she honors the request for provision. A wise woman, indeed. Her reward: she becomes David’s wife as soon as her husband suffers sudden death.

Then we move on to one more encounter with Saul. After David had saved Saul’s life the first time, the king had promised to stop his pursuit. Yet wicked men don’t honor their word. The demons continue to drive King Saul

As Saul and 3000 men once again seek to kill him, David’s honor once again rises to the fore. He says to Abishai, “Do not destroy him (Saul), for who can stretch out his hand against the Lord’s anointed and be without guilt?”(26:9)

Let me add patience to David’s character traits. He knows that he has been anointed king, and he knows that Saul has lost the anointing. He also knows that Saul is driven by demons, seeking to kill him. Yet as long as Saul is alive, he is king. Until his death, David will wait patiently to come out of hiding and receive his God-given position.

Today we see people pushing and shoving, trying to establish their own positions. It seems that we could take a cue from David and let God establish our times and seasons of promotion.

There is such a rest which comes to those who truly wait for God’s timing in their lives. I’ve done it both ways. At times I’ve run out ahead of God and at other times I have waited on Him.

Waiting on God’s timing is so much better. When we do things His way, we know that He is with us, and He will never forsake us in our endeavors.

Luke 12:32-59

Stay ready! That’s a special Word from the Lord to all of us.

When the church gets into a slumber, the Lord’s work never gets done. People are going through the motions and may seem busy going to meetings, but their hearts aren’t on fire for His purposes. As the church gets into a slumber, people get very worldly – only consumed with their own ideas and desires.

When we are awake, we continue to spend time with our Savior, allowing Him to speak to us. His Words will encourage us, strengthen us, sometimes convict us to move forward in His plan.

When we are awake, we are consumed with the reality of our Father and His plans. No time for worry or fear. No time for doubt. Only faith and conviction to pursue His desires.

Lord, my prayer today is that everyone reading this word will have a fresh revelation of You – Your goodness and Your faithfulness. Touch all of our hearts so that we will be sold out to You in every respect.

And let us be about Your business.