I Samuel 27-29

David’s journey continues with discernment and intrigue, and God’s hand is upon him so that he is protected. This man has to have tremendous courage to go into the land of the Philistines and seek protection from his king. It has become obvious that Saul will not relent in his commitment to kill David.

This reminds me of stories I have heard from missionaries in foreign lands. Sometimes deception is necessary for their protection when they are among adversarial governments. This is what David encounters here.

In the meantime, Saul’s condition goes from bad to worse. When people turn from God, they are worse off than those who have never known Him. He is tormented to the point where he turns to a witch for his answers. He no longer hears from God.

There is always room for repentance, but I have known people over the years who begin a walk with God and then stop. They become like sitting ducks for the devil and his imps. There is a mark on their heads, with no ability to combat the onslaught. Very sad, indeed.

I say, Lord, I want to be on fire and stay on fire! I want every day of my life to be lived with You and for You!

I know you say that, too.

Luke 13:1-22

When Jesus came to the earth, God planted His Son, the seed – the holy seed – into the earth so that His Kingdom could spring forth. That’s why the kingdom is like a mustard seed…It’s also like leaven. As Christians grow in numbers and authority, the kingdom grows and spreads – as leaven does in three pecks of meal.

These illustrations help us to understand the power of the Kingdom, and God’s plan for its increase. He didn’t send a Kingdom with force, as many of the Jews had expected. He sent a Kingdom – hidden in the hearts of men. As they go into the world, they take this hidden Kingdom with them and quietly spread it to those around them, affecting all of His creation.

That’s the plan. Now we have to get in on it. We have to decide that we will be part of the expansion of His Kingdom.

All around us there are those who have never heard the truth about this Kingdom. They may have heard bits and pieces – and often distorted accounts of it. If we will think of ourselves as the leaven which needs to spread, or the seed bag which needs to plant more seed, we will be part of what our Father desires for our lives.

Freely we have received. Freely we must give. That’s the plan – the Divine plan, bringing the love of God to all those around us.

Oh, I so want to fulfill my part of it!