II Samuel 16-18

A father’s love just doesn’t stop, does it? What a demonstration of it as David’s men have to face the rebellious Absalom.

David has left Jerusalem, but that isn’t good enough for Absalom. The son goes out to war against his father and his men. He is determined to steal the kingship for good.

His plan doesn’t work, and he gets killed instead. Such sorrow for David.

When the report comes to David, there is only one thing on his mind. How is my son, Absalom? How is my son, Absalom? No rejoicing until he finds the answer to that question.

Heartbreak for the king.

When I read this story, I think about our Father’s love for us. Regardless of what we have done, our Father’s heart is pulling for us. He wants us to repent, but He also wants our welfare – never judgment.

Today, I want to meditate on that terrific love He has for me. I want my eyes to be opened to receive it more than ever.

If God is for me, who can be against me? The answer: nobody!

Luke 17:20-37

As Jesus reveals His kingdom, His disciples must have been confused. Many of the things He says to them as He is with them can’t be understood until later – after He has sent back the Holy Spirit.

They are going into uncharted waters. No one has seen or heard what they will see and hear shortly, so there is no way they can understand it until it comes. Then they will say, “Oh, so that’s what He was talking about.”

It’s the same today. Some aspects of God’s plan haven’t happened yet.

There will be a wrapping up of this age, and God’s plan will come into completion. Just as in the days of Noah and just as in the days of Lot, people will be eating and drinking and going about their daily lives, totally oblivious to God and His kingdom. Then He will appear.

We like to see things, don’t we? We want to touch and feel and see and hear. We are led by our senses and our reasoning. If God moves in a way we haven’t seen before, the human mind wants to discount it.

When Jesus says that His Kingdom ” is not coming with signs to be observed…for behold, the kingdom of God is in your midst.”(v.20-21), He is speaking of the new birth. God’s kingdom has come – and it’s within the hearts of men.

If you don’t have this kingdom – this new birth – its foolish to you. It makes no sense to the natural mind.

Yet one thing is for sure. God is the Creator of the natural mind and He makes it clear that there is something higher and greater. The born again spirit of a man is that something.

I’ve been on both sides, and I know how it happens. There was a time in my life when my life was based on nothing but reason. I had been raised in church, but I had never really understood about the new creation – the new birth.

Then one day, after some desperation in my life, I received the new birth. My mind was totally blown! It was shocking to me to realize that there was something so significant that I had never really known.

Suddenly, I began to see and hear what God was speaking to me. Me! He was speaking to me personally. Amazing!

The Word of God began to come alive. No longer was it just one more book. It was The Book! My Father began to speak to me as I read it.

That was many years ago, and the same awe is there when I read His Word.

I truly think that God’s Word – the Bible – is one of the greatest miracles of all times. He spoke to many men over many centuries and they recorded what he said. As we read it from beginning to end as we are doing now, we see how there is a consistency which is astounding.

It’s the love story between God and His creation.

If you are born again, you know what I am talking about. If you aren’t born again, and don’t “get it,” then why don’t you ask your Father to open your eyes?

He would love to have His kingdom – His Spirit – come to live inside of you, and to adopt you as His child. It’s better than you can imagine.