II Samuel 23-24

First in this passage we encounter a listing of the Mighty Men of David. Just a reminder as to where these men came from – they were those who were in debt, in distress, and discontented when they came to David. The Lord has truly been with them as they have grown in their ability and position.

Then we come to something very interesting. David counts the people.

In this day and age, it seems that counting the people would be a valid request to make. Yet with David, this was a sin. Why would that be?

Joab has the answer to that question when he says, “Now may the Lord your God add to the people a hundred times as many as they are.” In other words, when God is leading the army of David, a few can do what hundreds could do in the natural.

Throughout the Bible we see small numbers – or seemingly insignificant people – being chosen by God to do great things for Him. The reason: He shows that with Him all things ar possible. Natural limitations are not there when God is involved.

That’s our Father’s way. He loves to prove Himself to His people in many different ways.

In our lives today, He is the same. If we really trust Him and believe in Him, we will see many impossible situations turn possible. We will see “impossible” people turn their lives to Him and change. We will see “impossible” diseases healed. We will see “impossible” accidents deliver no harm. And on and on.

Our God is limitless in His power. The limit is in our faith.

I want to count on Him to do a lot with a little, don’t you? My focus is not in the numbers or natural abilities; it’s in my Father’s mighty power.

Luke 19:1-27

We each have our talents. We each have our place in God’s kingdom – and our purpose designed by Him.

It’s so easy to look around and think that we are not important. In this day of celebrity mania, with many sitting in the bleachers watching others live their lives, that “unimportant” tag seems to beckon us.

However, our Creator sees it differently. He sees who He created us to be – an important part of His kingdom, and He wants us to develop who we are. We are all significant in His eyes.

So what part do you play? Only you and God can settle that for sure, but you do have a part. So whatever that part is, it should be played to the fullest.

In the church, all of the gifts are needed. There are exhorters and encouragers, teachers, those good at hospitality, or maintenance, or cleaning. When everyone is making their contribution, there’s a flow to the work.

Or maybe your part is played to the community as a whole – in leadership or as a volunteer.

Let’s develop our gifts and be found faithful using them – all as our Father designed.