I Samuel 13-14

It’s amazing what a little success can do to a man’s character. Saul, who was taken from the smallest tribe and the smallest family, is getting prideful.

He’s the king, and not the priest. He has no business making priestly sacrifices to God, but he does. He over steps his bounds.

Obedience, and not sacrifice is what our Father wants from us.

Our Father is the one with the plan. We aren’t even capable of knowing all that He has for us, so we need to follow His scheme of things.

Yet, it’s so easy to do as Saul does, and “do our own thing.” Even in the name of religion.

Some of the greatest errors in our modern society emanate from this character flaw. So many ignore what God says about an issue, and make their own rules.

Proverbs says, “There is a way which seems right unto man, but the end of it is death.” (Proverbs 14:12 and 16:25). It’s there twice – must be important.

It seems right to Saul to offer the priestly sacrifice since Samuel is a little late. Yet he loses the kingdom because of this decision. After his death, the kingdom will go to another lineage – one which will honor God and be obedient.

Listen closely to what your Father is telling you. Look closely at His word. Don’t try to make up your own rules, but honor His.

That’s the way of life.

Luke 10: 1-24

What makes Jesus rejoice? We have it right here.

As He sends out the seventy disciples, armed with His delegated authority, they return with a tremendous report. His plan is truly working. People are being healed and demons are fleeing as they go in His name.

Jesus rejoices that He sees Satan fall from heaven. This one who has tortured mankind will soon be thrown from heaven for good.

Then Jesus says something interesting. He praises God for “hiding these things from the wise and intelligent and revealing them to babes.” (v.21).

Why would that be? Humility is required in God’s kingdom. Only those who are willing to listen to Him are to be His representatives in the earth.

The wise and intelligent are not very teachable, because they want to believe only what comes to them personally. They get caught up in their own minds and leave God out of it.

God wants people who are malleable in His hands – people who know that they need to depend on Him. These are the ones to which He can delegate His authority. These are the ones He can send in His name.

Yes, Lord. Send me.