Psalm 78 – 83

What is your personal history with the Lord? Is it written?

I would like to encourage you to sit down and write your own history. I have counseled many people over the years, and have heard horror stories about abuse and injustice done to them. That’s the glass half empty.

If they would take a more positive approach to their story, they would tell it differently. They would not think of the disaster as much as the deliverance. (After all, they’re still here, aren’t they)?

If you write your own history, you will include the many times that you can see God’s hand trying to lead you to Him. There were those times when you said, “No.” But He didn’t stop, did He? When you didn’t deserve it, His loving hand was trying to get you to the right people and places – the right moment – for you to receive His love.

As you look back, you know that He was always there for you. And He is there for you now.

Add to your history the times when you knew how closely He was guiding you, loving you. The miracles. The grace.

As you develop your own history, your faith will grow. You will begin to discover in a new way how important you are to your God – and how much He loves and cares for you.

His grace is always there.

Romans 10

There is power in the Word of God. We see that premise in many places and demonstrated in many different ways.

That’s how we get saved. The Word is near us – in our mouths and in our hearts. The Word of faith. So if we “confess with our mouths that Jesus is Lord and believe in our hearts that God raised Him from the dead,we will be saved.”(V. 9)

There are those who are “seeking their own righteousness.” (V. 3). These are doing this and that which are “good works,” but that is not what makes us right before God. Our faith in the sacrifice of Jesus is the only way to have right standing with God.

Often we encounter people who aren’t believers but who seem to be “good” people. That’s a stumbling block for many. They say, “Isn’t that good person acceptable to God?” But they are asking the wrong question.

The question is, “Do they have a reborn spirit?” That’s the key. When a person seems to be good, God loves them, but they have to do things His way. He has made a way for every person on earth to be born again. That’s what matters in being acceptable to God.

A reborn spirit, through faith in Jesus Christ, is the only thing which is acceptable. Only the reborn spirit can communicate effectively with God. And only the reborn spirit can partake of God’s heavenly realm.

Are you born again? That’s the question – and therein lies the answer.