Psalm 90-91

Do you expect God to be big in your life? Do you expect supernatural favor? Supernatural protection? Abundant grace and mercy? If you are not expecting much from Him, these psalms are for you.

Our God is not only able – as almost every Christian knows. He is willing and eager to be a part of our lives.

So what does that look like when we engage with our Creator as we live our daily lives? Psalm 91 is a perfect picture of that engagement.

He is our refuge and protector.

He hides us in His shadow, so that we are not afraid of anything. We’re not afraid of the terror by night, nor the arrow by day, nor the plagues, nor any destruction. Even when we see others falling around us, we have continued faith that our God is protecting us.

His angels watch over us diligently.

We know that He is with us in trouble. He rescues us and honors us. And He will satisfy us with long life.

Think of all of those benefits and reach out for them. Our God will bring us through in every event we encounter.

To receive these benefits, we must believe and receive what He has promised. And that’s really believe these promises. That kind of belief only comes to us as we meditate on His word until it becomes part of us.

So meditate on these scriptures. Repeat them to yourself as you go about your day. They are real to those who believe.

Romans 12

That Word meditation carries over into this Romans chapter.

The world is trying to press us into a mold – a mold which looks like everyone else. What does this mold look like? Just the opposite of the faith-filled life. This worldly mold presses us into lack, depression, self-centeredness, and a nothing-we-do-seems-to-work mentality.

If there is any success in this mold, it is a climb over everyone type of success. But that’s not the success our God is talking about.

He wants us to represent Him to the world. He wants us to signify to the world that there is indeed a God in heaven who loves them as well as us, and who is reaching out to them also.

So we present our bodies as a living sacrifice – not to be beat up, but to show His glory to the world. When we live our lives for Him, we will be signposts pointing to the One True God. We will also be willing to share with others His goodness when He so guides us.

We are ambassadors of God’s kingdom, showing those around us that there is a way of life and truth available to them also.

So let’s renew our minds to God’s way and practice the life He has designed for us. It’s truly the greatest life there could ever be!