Psalm 126-128

Are you striving too much? Relax. If you are His, God has your back.

There have been times when I would be in total anxiety over my family or the church we were leading. I would stay awake at night, turning it all over in my mind. Should I do this? Or that?…And then the inevitable, “What if?”

Finally I would come to my senses, get out of bed, go into the den, and begin reading the Bible. Very often I would turn to Psalm 127. “Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it.”(V. 1)

It was as if fresh oil had been poured over me, soothing my soul. I would pray these verses back to God, thanking Him for His intervention in my situation. He would give to me even in my sleep.

There is a peace which can come to us only by this very thought. We all need God’s intervention in our lives. Whether you are facing sickness in your family or rebellious children or financial concerns, every person on the planet has issues which arise from time to time. Issues which are too big for you to handle. You need God’s help.

“How blessed is everyone who fears the lord and who walks in His ways.” (128:1). That’s you, isn’t it? Well then rest in Him and in His ability and wisdom.

He does indeed have your back!

I Corinthians 10:14-33

“All things are lawful, but not all things are profitable.” (V. 23)

I love this verse, because it can quell the argumentative spirit which arises from time to time.  There have been times when in talking with teens, they would ask questions like, “Is it a sin to smoke?” Or, “Is it a sin to drink wine at a wedding?”

My son brought a teaching to our church which I’ll never forget. He compared legalistic thinking to a number line. When someone is asking “Is this a sin?” They are really saying, “How far can I go and still be OK?” “Where is my limit of safety?” “Is this too far, or is it permissible,” as they move their finger along the line?

Those are not the right questions. The question should be “How can I live my best life?” “Where is death and where is life as I journey down my path?” Because I want life!

Rather than thinking in terms of lawful or unlawful, think in terms of life or death. What brings life and what brings death?

When you and I have that frame of reference, we are not trying to get away with anything. We are reaching for God’s best. We want all that He has for us, and we vigorously reach for it.

Let’s reach for the “profitable ” life!