Psalm 129-131

Do you see yourself as a weaned child sitting in God’s lap and leaning your head against His breast?  That’s the way He wants it.

We study the Word and we apply it to our lives. We have learned how to bind the enemy and loose the angels to work on our behalf. We pray the Word and speak the Word.

Yet in every life, no matter how smart we think we are, we come to a point where we realize that we don’t know it all. God is smarter than we are. He has all the answers, whereas we just have some. There’s always more to learn.

When I come to those times in my life, I run to Psalm 131. It’s a way of casting the care on the Lord and counting on Him to rule supreme in our lives. He knows it all, and He knows just how to get the job done.

When “matters are too difficult for me” to understand or assimilate, I quiet my soul, and I rest in the lap of my God. He is my Rock, my Deliverer, my Counselor, and every good thing in my life comes from Him.

Maybe today you are facing some things too difficult for you. If so, you can do the same. You can put your trust in your God and wait for His answers to come.


I Corinthians 11:1-16

We come again to some of Paul’s specific instructions to the people of Corinth – and of that day. All of Paul’s writings concerning the women of the day have brought lots of confusion.

I have my own ideas about these instructions, as I have studied some of the history surrounding the day. I have to put in the disclaimer that these are my own convictions, and if you have others, then go with what you believe.

The people of Corinth were a bawdy bunch. And then add to that the reality that the women of the day were not educated. So as the church services were being conducted, with men and women sitting on opposite sides of the church, the women were shouting across the aisle – asking questions of their husbands. Lots of confusion ensued.

Now, within that setting, Paul was trying to bring order out of the confusion. He wants the women to be more orderly and more submissive to their husbands. He wants them to  have a “covering” in their own husbands before they minister. (Before they pray or prophesy).

Now I realize that some people take this as a rule that women are to wear head coverings – such as a hat or scarf. Others take it as an order that women are not to cut their hair. I think that it has a more spiritual meaning.

I think that it means that a woman is to be meek and teachable, and not loud and obnoxious in her behavior. She is to show respect for the order of the meeting and not try to take over.

If you have a different take on any of this, that’s fine with me. We just have to go with what we believe, since this is not one of the fundamental doctrines of the church.