Psalm 73-77

Have you ever felt almost jealous of some unbelievers as they prosper while you are going through turmoil? That’s common, and that’s what this first psalm is all about.

Asaph, one of David’s chief musicians, is the writer of this psalm, and he doesn’t mind expounding his jealousy.  Yet he finally comes to his senses, as he remembers the goodness of God.

Ultimately every person has to make the decision for their focus: a moment of pleasure on earth or a life lived with God at the center. Of course, God brings great pleasure, but there are times when “things just don’t seem to be going so well.” What do we do then? That’s the big question.

 When my heart was embittered and I was pierced within,
Then I was senseless and ignorant; I was like a beast before Thee.(73:21-22)

But he goes on to say

Thou hast taken hold of my right hand
With Thy counsel thou wilt guide me
And afterward receive me to glory. (73:23-24)

When we stay faithful to God, He will guide us through the problems we face and bring us out to glory.

These next psalms continue in a similar vein. There are problems we face, and sometimes we can feel hopeless and helpless. However, if we turn our hearts back to God and allow Him to speak to us and strengthen us, our joy will return. Then we will see the answers before us.

Faithfulness is the key. He is faithful to us. Are we faithful to Him?

Romans 9

“Not the children of the flesh, but the children of the promise.” (V. 8) That’s the key phrase when we approach chapter 9.

Paul is explaining to the Romans that the covenant of God is established by faith – and not by works. This difficult concept continues to cause hangups until this day.

As Paul elaborates on the differences between the children of the flesh and the children of the promise, he digs into the annals of Israel’s history to bring out Jacob and Esau, and even the Pharoah of Egypt.

God started His covenant with the Jews, but He eventually extended it to the gentiles. The key from man’s perspective, is to have faith in the covenant – faith in God Himself. The covenant is powerful with many benefits. It doesn’t just fall on you; but neither do you work for it. It comes to those who believe in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and trust in His blessing of grace.

Today, as we go about our routines, let’s ponder this sacrifice and this great grace. Do we believe? Do we receive what He has for us? It’s here for us if we do. We are the children of the promise.