I Samuel 7-9

God has some choice words concerning the Israelites and their desire for a king. He first tells Samuel, “The people have not rejected you, they have rejected Me.”(8:7) Yet He goes on to say that since they insist on a king,  the prophet is to give them what they want.

He then warns the Jews. A king will take your best men, your sons, your daughters, your best fields and vineyards – and he will use all of these things for himself. Then you will cry out in that day because of the king over you.

The Israelites still wanted a king, because they wanted to be like every one else around them. (Remarkable, isn’t it?)

Saul has to be confused when he encounters Samuel. The Lord had revealed that the next day someone would come from the land of Benjamin, and this man was to be anointed king. So when Saul appears as promised, Samuel treats him with great honor.

Saul can’t figure out what is happening. He says, “I am from the least tribe, and the least family in the tribe. Why are you speaking to me this way?”(9:21).

Boy, is he in for a surprise! We’ll cover that tomorrow.

Luke 9:18-36

There are so many mysteries in the Kingdom – and here we see one.

If you want to save your life, you’ll lose it. If you are willing to lose your life, you’ll save it. (9:24) What does that mean?

The Greek word for life here is “psyche,” meaning, “soul.” It represents the natural part of you – the earth man – who from time to time can go his own way and get into trouble. The psyche is the part of you who is often self-centered and demanding,  often contrary to God’s will.

There is a higher life God has for us – the life born of Him and empowered by His Spirit. That life can only come forth when the old man, the psyche, can be totally given up. Dead on the cross.

The new life which springs forth is full of zeal and energy, ready to run the race with the Father. This new one is the one we want to save.

So we die daily – taking up our cross and following Him. That’s the only way we will ever truly live.