Psalms 4-6

David had a lot of enemies during his lifetime. In fact, all kings do – and especially those who are following the Lord. Many times in the psalms, we see David running to God because of these enemies. He is asking for mercy and for protection.

Actually, while David is seeking God’s hand, he is also showing his own humility. Even though David is king, and he could have tried to force his enemies to submit to him as did most kings, he didn’t take that route. Instead, David counts on the favor of the Lord to see him through.

David also continually seeks strength to continue in God’s way. “O Lord, lead me in Thy righteousness because of my foes. Make my way straight before me.” (5:8)  What a focused heart! Such an example to us.

Many of the kings we have encountered have been completely obstinate against God. When prophets would confront them concerning sinful issues, these obstinate ones would ignore the advice. David has a completely different attitude as he considers his sin. This king wants to “get it right” before God.

When David recognizes his faults, it grieves him and causes anguish. David is a man after God’s own heart, totally dependent on his mercy.

Acts 17: 16-34

“Now all the Athenians and the strangers visiting there used to spend their time in nothing other than telling or hearing something new.”(V. 21) This is where Paul comes and waits for his companions after the persecution in Berea. These Athenians remind me of our modern society. People like to have their ears tickled with new theories of this and that. Therefore they are willing to listen to Paul. It’s something new to them.

Then Paul mentions the inscription he sees. A monument has been erected “To The Unknown God.” (V. 23). That too reminds me of our culture. There are many Christians  in our society who don’t know their God very well. To them He is unknown.

It doesn’t have to be that way. When we spend time with Him in prayer and the Word, we get to know Him very well indeed. He wants to have a close walk with us, but we have to do our part.

Paul goes on to say that “in Him we live and move and have our being.” (V. 28). Our God actually lives within us by his Spirit. When we acknowledge Him and spend time with Him, we begin to see the higher calling He has for us. We grow in our understanding of His ways and His character.

We also grow in our ability to hear his voice and to follow His leading.

As Paul gives his dissertation, some mock him  and others believe. That too is the way it is today.