Psalms 16-18

There is a place in God’s presence which empowers us beyond anything the human mind can imagine. When we are in that place, we see Him for who He is – the author of all that is in existence. The One who set the world in order and designed all of its elements. He placed us here in our time and in our space, and for our purpose.

When we are in God’s presence and see him for who He is, there is nothing which could bring fear upon us. Sure there are enemies out there. Sickness, financial burdens, marital problems, and issues with our children still exist, but our God has an answer for every one of them.

Through our God, “we can run upon a troop and leap over a wall.” (18:29) Sounds a little like Superman, doesn’t it?

Well, we do become super people when we engage ourselves with our Almighty God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. There is nothing too difficult for Him. He always has the answer for us. Sometimes He will give us wisdom about what we are to do. Then sometimes He will accomplish miracles on our behalf.

Our God is a faithful God. He is our Rock. He is Wings over us, protecting us. He is our Shelter and our Deliverer.

“The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; indeed my heritage is beautiful to me.” (16:6)

Acts 19: 23- 20:16

Everywhere Paul goes there seems to be an uproar. Most of the time, it’s the Jews afraid of losing control of their congregations. In Asia, however, Paul is upsetting some of the Pagan economy. The silversmiths, who have been prospering by crafting statues of Artemis, riot. They are afraid that Paul will turn the people against the god they are selling. So Paul leaves the area and goes to Greece.

Then a crowd gets stirred up against him in Greece, and he has to leave there also. Does this seem like an indelible pattern to you? He really makes folks mad! They want to kill him. Actually, it’s the devil who is stirring up the people; he doesn’t want the word about Jesus to be spread.

Now for all of you ministers who have been concerned about people falling asleep in your services, Paul has the same problem. (Of course, it’s because his sermons last until after midnight). Eutychus, falling into a deep sleep, tumbles from the third story, and dies. Paul, however, raises the boy from the dead and goes on preaching.

Paul and his crowd are in constant expectation of miracles. That’s an element our modern-day church has lost. Most people are so geared toward medicine and science, they don’t expect God to move in a spectacular way. But He does still, when people believe Him.

I want to take the wraps off of my faith in Him. I want to expect the supernatural in my everyday life. I have seen many miracles, and I want to see even more.

The God we serve is beyond our comprehension. When we try to understand all of who He is with our finite minds, we miss it…and we limit Him in our lives.

I hope you will join me in allowing our faith to be stretched. There is nothing too difficult for our God!