Job 28-29

Wow! Job is getting somewhere. After all of the babbling he and his friends have undertaken, he is lighting on some truth here.

Where does wisdom come from? You can’t mine for it as you would gold, silver, or precious stones. You can’t find it  in the ocean or rivers. You can’t buy it. It’s value is higher than anything you might encounter.

Wisdom is only with God. He sees everything that goes on. And he understands all that He has set in order.

“And to man He said, ‘Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding.'”(28:28).

Job has had endurance and patience. Now he is showing humility. This man is realizing that it is God who had blessed his life before, and not himself. He is also realizing that there has to be a fear, or reverence, of the Lord for any wisdom to come at all.

Today this is true, just as it was then. There are many who are trying to find wisdom in their own pursuits and with their own minds. They shoot to this thought and that, bouncing about in their reasoning. Very often their basic premises are wrong, so all the precepts they build on the premises are wrong also.

The only true foundation for building our belief system is the fear of the Lord. And today, that foundation is found in God’s Word.

Acts 13:1-43

Have you noticed that when the Jews are introducing Jesus to new people they start with history?

It’s interesting to me that Peter, Stephen, and Paul use the same method. They recite all of the Jewish history from the time of Abraham – through Egypt, the wilderness, the kings, and all the way up to Jesus. It’s because the Jewish people were taught their history with God from the time they were young. When Jesus was put into context of their history, the Jews began to see how He was the true Messiah they had been awaiting.

I think that in our own lives, we would encourage each other and ourselves if we could keep our history in the forefront of our thoughts. It’s good to remember the history of the Word, of course, but also our personal history.

In each of our lives, we have a history with Jesus. There have been times when He has protected us from danger. Or supplied our needs supernaturally. Or healed us. Or given us a dream or vision. Or spoken a word of direction deep within our spirits.

There are many ways that our God has interacted with our lives, and it’s important to remember them.

I have a journal. It’s rather random in what it contains. Sometimes a Word he has spoken to me personally. Sometimes a prayer that he has answered. Or maybe a scripture he has given me when I needed encouragement.

Those special moments of interaction, when kept in high regard, can keep us bold in our faith and encourage us toward our vision. That’s one of the ways our God uses to propel us toward the mark, even when circumstances look difficult.

Our God is a faithful God and He is a God who reacts to our faith. So when we continually build ourselves up on our faith, we are moving closer to our goal all the time.

So let’s be “story keepers.” That is, keepers of our own stories with Him. Story keepers are faith keepers!