Esther 1-2

Esther is the first of a few books which will be written during the Jewish captivity in Babylon. Even though these people are in a foreign land, having been judged by God, there are those who remain faithful to Him and they see tremendous miracles.

Ronald Reagan once made a remark which I thought was splendid.During an election season he was encouraged by some to speak more blatantly about some of his views. He refused. He said, “I have no intentions of jumping off a cliff, waving a banner, just because it feels good on the way down.” Now that’s what I call wisdom. His job was to get elected; not to rant and rave. He could openly lead his charge after he was president.

Esther seems to subscribe to the same wisdom. I have heard women describe this passage of Esther as someone who was willing to stand up for her rights (Vashti), versus someone who wouldn’t (Esther).

I see it in a different manner. I see someone who is foolish (Vashti), versus someone who is wise (Esther). Or someone who is prideful, versus someone who is humble.

Either way, I side with Esther. She’s the one who is going to get the job done.

Mordecai is a man of great wisdom, and he raised her as a daughter. She grew up knowing that it was good to accept his advice. She heeds his instruction concerning her preparation for royalty. and she heeds his advice when he wants her to remain silent about her heritage.

As we continue in this book, I hope you will put yourself in Esther’s place. As she humbly accepts the inevitable and works within the system – trusting God, she is in for some tremendous surprises.

I love to see God at work on someone’s behalf. When we are faithful to Him, He tops us every time.

Acts 5:1-20

Our God is a God of miracles. As we continue in our study of the early church. we see the people constantly witnessing God’s hand.

First Ananias and Sapphira fall dead after lying to the Holy Spirit. People are selling their land and bringing the money to the apostles. Ananias and Sapphira sell their land and pretend to be bringing all of the proceeds, but they are keeping some for themselves.(V.1-10).  It isn’t that God requires them to give it all, it’s that he wants no hypocrisy. They are doing it for show and pretending to be more generous than they are. A big mistake!

God’s Spirit is Holy, and when He is present in our midst, darkness can’t stay.

Second, we see many signs, wonders, and miracles happening by the hands of the Christians. People are even bringing their sick on cots to the streets, so that when the disciples walk by they may be healed. Even Peter’s shadow heals the sick. (V. 15) What an anointing!

Third, we see the high priest and his crew trying to stop the activity, so they put some of the apostles in jail. But an angel comes and opens the gates so that they escape from the prison, and go to the temple to preach again.

These early Christians know what it’s all about. They throw themselves into their walk with God, and they hold back nothing from Him. These are exciting times in the kingdom. After all of the years of God’s dealings with the Jews, it’s becoming clearer what God has been up to all along. He has meticulously been bringing forth His plan for man to have His Spirit in them.

That’s still His plan. Over the years, people have tried to water down the faith. They have even tried to say that miracles no longer exist, but these nay-sayers are wrong.

I have witnessed many miracles, and expect to see more. Some you have to look for, but some are very obvious. I have seen sudden healings and restorative miracles. I have also seen people set free from drugs and alcohol. Any of these are miracles.

As we seek a greater closeness to God, we will see more and more of His handiwork. There’s nothing greater than being in His presence, hearing His voice, and watching Him do His work.