I Chronicles 16-18 

In these passages we get a glimpse into the heart of David. He is so special to God, we can gain wisdom by observing his behavior.

David is obviously elated to have God’s ark back in Jerusalem. He erects a tent for the ark to remain and then he assigns people to minister around the ark 24-7 – never leaving it unattended.

First David assigns Asaph and his relatives, first class musicians and praisers to sing and pray continually. Then, Obed-edom (who gets rewarded for keeping the ark those three months) and his relatives to be gatekeepers – making sure the ark is protected. Zadok and his relatives are designated priests to offer burnt offerings morning and evening, and another group, including Heman and Jeduthun, are selected and furnished with trumpets and cymbals to give continual thanks to God.

Do you think that David respects the ark? God’s presence? I think so!

Think of all the continual activity he establishes around the ark. Praise, worship, prayer, burnt offerings, and gatekeepers. Continuous honor going to God who is the God of Israel. This unprecedenteddemonstration shows a king whose heart is truly towards his God.

The king actually wants to build God a house, but is denied that privilege. Yet he goes in a sits before the Lord and says, “Who am I , O Lord God, and what is my house that Thou hast brought me this far?”(17:6)

What a humble spirit. By this time in his kingship, Saul had been trying to take on the priestly responsibilities as well as his own. He was very presumptuous. Not David. David’s desire always is to worship his God with a whole heart.

In chapter 18, twice it is recorded: “And the Lord helped David wherever he went.” (6 and 13) This man had quite a relationship with God!

With the Holy Spirit living on the inside of us, we have an even greater ability to have that relationship.

John 7:28-53

The atmosphere is really stirred up around Jesus. Some in the crowds are believing in Him because of the miracles. Yet the same miracles make the Pharisees nervous – their power is being threatened by this Jesus.

Just when the emotions are high, Jesus raises it a notch. He stands up in the temple and says, “If any man is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink. He who believes in Me, as the scripture said, From his innermost being shall flow rivers of living water.”(V.37-38).

This is getting heavy; the divisions are increasing. Most have no idea about what He is saying, many doubt, but some believe.

John’s explanation is terrific, but it’s really understood only after Jesus has accomplished His earthly mission. “But this was spoken of the Spirit, whom those who believed in Him were to receive; for the Spirit was not yet given, because Jesus was not yet glorified.”(V.39)

Only those cleansed by the blood of Jesus would be able to receive the Spirit, so nobody standing there had received Him yet. Later, many of the words of Jesus would come into clarity – after the Holy Spirit had come. There would then be many ah ha moments.”Oh, that’s what he meant!”

Today there are some who have acknowledged Jesus, because they thought they were “supposed to.”  When the heart is not in it, then the person isn’t born again, and that person still can’t understand the words of Jesus. It takes God’s Holy Spirit – that Living Water – to explain God’s Word.

I pray that we will continue to go deeper into God’s plan and purpose. I pray that the Word will be so alive to you and me that we understand all that the Lord desires. I pray that His Words will be alive in us.