I Chronicles 25-27

Do you like organization? Well you will love these chapters.

Once again we see a listing of lineages and assignments. This time it goes a little deeper, however. Not only does each person have an assignment, but timing for when they will perform their duties.

In chapter 27, the twelve commanders of Israel are enumerated – along with the months in which they will be in charge. Each of them have 24,000 troops under their command, and they have a specific month for their assignment.

All we need to do is look around at nature to realize that our God is very organized. Everything runs on schedule – the days and nights, the seasons, all of the animal behavior, seed time and harvest, and many more cycles. Not only does all of nature run on a schedule, but the many different schedules work together in a symbiotic way so that life can thrive and His purposes can be fulfilled.

For those of us who don’t have that gift in abundance (people like me), organization is sometimes seen as a necessary evil.

Yet anyone’s life and anyone’s work will be enhanced by applying some principles of organization. Systems in place can keep things humming.

So I, for one, purpose to endeavor to be more organized. I will watch those who have this down pat, and try to apply their principles.

I will also try to increase my ability to keep to a schedule when working so that i can accomplish more for Him.

I need His help, and I’m quite sure that I’ll get it!

John 9: 1-27

What are these Pharisees thinking? How can they be so spiritually dense?

Surely they would be happy to see a blind man healed and able to see! Well, obviously not on a Sunday.

This time these strange men don’t just complain about it, they go to the blind man and question him sharply as to who healed him. Then they go to his parents and question them.

Not once do we see any compassion in these people. Not once do we see them rejoice with this man who has been blind from birth!

No. They are too busy trying to persecute this Jesus who is getting all of the attention. They have Him now, they think. He obviously isn’t God’s man if he heals on the Sabbath.

These men just don’t know their God.

Our God is more compassionate than our minds can conceive, and His Son is representing this truth to His generation.

I pray that we will know our Father God so well that we will understand and embrace His mercy. We need it. So do those round us.

I also pray that more and more of us will properly represent our Lord as we mingle with those around us. He is extending His mercy to all, and we need to accurately represent Him to our generation.