II Kings 4-6

What does a double portion of God’s anointing look like? I think that we see it here.

Elisha lives a supernatural life. He is a man, of course, but a man whose faith level is so great that he taps into the power of God for those around him.

When there is famine, he multiplies the oil and meal. When a woman is barren, he opens her womb. When a child dies, he brings him back to life.

Elisha sees and hears in the spirit realm. He knows where the king of Aram is taking his army. He knows who is coming to see him, trying to take him away. And the prophet sees in the spirit realm when armies are around him, so that he sees the angels who are assisting him.

I love what he says during that last incident. “Do not fear, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.”(6:16) He says this when an entire army has surrounded the city and his servant is afraid. Yet when the servant’s eyes ae opened, he sees a mountain covered with horses and chariots of fire. The angels are working on Elisha’s behalf.

Remember, it isn’t this man, but God Himself who is doing the work throughout all of these accounts. Elisha is a man who knows God, believes Him, and obeys Him.

His life is entirely consecrated to God. So he operates in a realm known only to a few.

If you will notice, though, the miracles he performs are similar to the miracles that Jesus performs. Elisha multiplies oil; Jesus multiplies loaves and fish. Elisha raises the child from the dead; Jesus raises a lady’s son from the dead. Elisha knows what others are thinking; Jesus knows what they are thinking.

Of course, Jesus accomplishes much more than Elisha, but this prophet is as a foreshadowing of what Jesus will be like.

All of these demonstrations of the supernatural are from the anointing – which is God’s Holy Spirit – working through them.

Today miracles are still happening for those who believe. So many today think they are too sophisticated for such, so they count themselves out. Yet for those who believe, Jesus is still working miracles.

Luke 24:33-53

Can you imagine the joy in that room where the disciples are sharing their encounters with the risen Lord?

Just days before these men and women were in such sorrow and disappointment. They had followed Jesus and believed in Him. They had seen Him overcome every attempt to discredit His ministry. They had also seen His wisdom, authority, and power. When Jesus had been taken and murdered not only had they lost a friend; they had lost a vision – a hope.

Now, here He is standing before them, explaining things just as He had always done. It’s too much for them to comprehend!

I love verse 44. “These are My Words which I spoke to you while I was still with you, that all things which are written about Me in the Law of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms must be fulfilled.”

Do you remember early on in this study when we said, “The Old Testament is the New Testament concealed and the New testament is the Old Testament revealed?”

That’s what we see here. Jesus is showing His disciples how everything that has happened was fulfillment of the Old Testament Word. He has fulfilled all of the scripture concerning Him.

The scholars of the Word were actually the ones who killed Jesus. They knew what the words said, but they weren’t able to understand it. Their hearts were hard and they held to traditions which denied them the ability to see the spiritual side of the Word.

It’s the same today. There are many scholars who think that they know what the Word says, but they really don’t. They take the supernatural of God and try to interpret it with their natural minds. But they can’t do that. The Word can only be understood by the Spirit of God.

So sometimes these “scholars” strip away the miracles and supernatural walk that is available today. They want everything to be done according to the intellect. Yet God is bigger than our brains. He is our Creator.

The humble will inherit the earth. I want to stay humble!