Psalm 137-138

“I will praise You, for You have magnified Your Word above all Your name.” What a declaration! God holds His Word higher than His name. His Word is sacred – and He will keep it.

If you want to eliminate any ho-hum attitude toward the Word of God, just think about that statement for a moment.

If you want to know God, read his Word. If you want to know about His character and what He thinks, read His word. If you want to know what He will do, read his Word.

There are many out there speculating about God, throwing around ideas concerning Him – often very foolish ideas. But they don’t even bother to read His Word. When you read and meditate on the Word of God, you begin to know Him – and how He thinks.

The Word is the source of our faith. When we meditate on it, it becomes more than words to us. It grows within us so that it becomes the truth. And when we know the truth, we will be set free.

Over the years, when I have encountered problems of life – similar to the problems which every human being encounters, I have turned to the Word and found God’s promise or plan concerning those issues. When I see what He has said about something, I know what to pray for. It’s his will, and I will pray for that specific will to be done in my life. I will also speak those Words into the atmosphere, causing angels to hearken to obey that spoken Word. (Psalm 103:20)

I’m on the road to recovery! I may have to wait a little bit, but I know that God’s Word is prevailing in my life.

He magnifies His Word above His Name. Awesome!

I Corinthians 13

We come to one of the most important and powerful chapters in the entire Bible. This is your dipstick to check your oil (anointing) level. Are you walking in love?

Now this word for love is different from some others. There is the Greek word “eros,” which means romantic love, “phileo,” which means brotherly love. Then there is “agape,” which we have here. It means “God-like love.” There is no English word which corresponds to this word, so the King James Version of the Bible translates it “charity.”

God-like love is bigger than any other. It is unconditional – it is for everybody. It’s truthful and sometimes tough, as in the case of a mother who doesn’t allow her child to play in the street. (It’s tough so that it will keep the person out of trouble). But it is always reaching for the best in a person.

When you read this passage, you see a perfect description of God’s love for us – and what should be our love for others. Patience, kindness, rejoicing in the truth of the other person. Always pulling for them. Not proud and puffed up, considering themselves better. Not taking into account a wrong suffered.

That last one is a stinger. Have your feelings been hurt? Don’t take it into account. Have they really “done you wrong?” Don’t take it into account. Forgive them, and don’t meditate on the wrong suffered. Let it go. God will handle that for you. He is faithful, when you do things His way.

Bears, believes, hopes, and endures all things. What a picture is being painted here.

God’s love for us will never stop. He never gives up on us. His love never fails.

And that’s the way He wants us to love others. We’ll be working on this the rest of our lives!