Judges 13-15

What a tremendous attitude!

Monoah’s wife has been barren, but an angel comes to her and says that she is to have a son. She is not to drink strong drink nor to eat anything unclean. When the wife relays this to her husband, his only request is that an angel will show up and tell them how to raise this son.

No doubting.  No questions about the certainty of this word. His faith is amazing in the back-slidden country of Monoah’s day.

So they give birth to Samson, a most unusual man. He is not to drink any strong drink, nor eat any unclean thing, nor cut his hair. He is to take a Nazarite vow. Sanctified to the Lord.

Yet Samson has some problems. He is often swayed by women, and he definitely has anger issues. And this is not someone you would want to be mad at you! When his wife tells her Philistine friends the answer to his riddle – an answer she had wooed him for, he kills all thirty of them.

Later, when he is captured and handed over to the Philistines, he loosens his binding ropes, finds a “fresh jawbone of a donkey,” and kills 1,000 with that jawbone. None of our present day super-heroes would match the strength of this man!

Like I said, however, he is easily swayed by women.

More to come tomorrow…

Luke 6

This chapter contains some of the most talked-about verses in all of the gospels.

My husband often says that if we would “do Luke 6,” our lives would be so fruitful. As he says that, he is focusing on v.27-28. “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.”

As we counsel people, one of the biggest problems is how they are dealing with hurtful people in their lives. Sometimes these are co-workers, sometimes family members, sometimes even spouses who are not saved.

When someone is mistreated, the natural inclination is to fight back. But we are not natural people. We have to have a higher standard than those who don’t know Jesus.

There’s a secret here. When we fight back against those who do us harm, we are assuming the responsibility for our own defense. When we obey the commands of Jesus in blessing, forgiving, and praying for those people, then God Himself takes on our defense.

I have seen this work so many times. I have seen those who were constantly wanting to bicker – and even falsely accuse – start seeking me out for prayer. I have seen those who mistreated me, suddenly want to be my friend. Not always have they wanted to be my friend. Yet I have never encountered someone who could persist in “meanness” when I have continued to return kindness for their evil.

The greatest joy has come when these people actually want to receive Jesus. Or, if they consider themselves christians already, want to have a closer walk with Him.

God’s way is always the best. When we walk in forgiveness and love, His favor is upon us. He opens doors for us. We are so aware of His presence.

There’s one more verse which is related…”Give and it shall be given unto you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, they will pour into your lap. By your standard of measure it will be measured to you again.”(6:38).

You get to set the standard for your life. What you put out, will be what you get back. That works for finances, of course. It also works for your relationship with God, your understanding of the Word, the love you give and receive.

If we could all just get this! What a difference we would make in the world, if all the christians decided to truly live by this principle!

Lord, increase my ability to hear you and to obey. Let me truly be a light in the world, shining for You.