White-Breasted Nuthatch-600Numbers 7, 8

Jesus said, “Where your treasure is, there is your heart also.” I could’t help but think of that verse as I read about the offerings being presented from all  of the leaders. There seems to be nothing more important to them than the tabernacle and all of the ceremonies.

The fact that every leader is named, along with the detail of his offerings, shows that this is significant to God also. And that still applies today.

God’s work on earth requires funds for the ministers, the buildings, the travel, the help to the poor, the media, and all of the other aspects of ministry. Only as His people are willing to help with His work can it all be done.

It might be a time to search your heart. Where is your money going? Is the proper portion going to God and His work? Or is all of it going to yourself and your desires?

Think about it.

Mark 4:21-48

“If any man has ears, let him hear.” I wonder if there was anyone standing there who didn’t have ears. Don’t you?

I’m quite confident that He was not talking about natural ears, but spiritual. If any man has ears to hear what God is saying to them, let him hear…And take care what you listen to.

This life of faith we are called to is an exciting life, but one which needs our full attention. All around us there are voices which are trying to talk us out of our walk with God. There are those who are saying that healing isn’t for today. Or that you “shouldn’t get your hopes up too high.” Jesus is saying just the opposite.

He is calling a people to Him who believe beyond the norm. Those are the ones who will be able to take His message where He leads them. They are the ones who will stand with boldness and declare what God is saying. They are the ones who will believe God for things which seem to others to be impossible.

Are you one of those people? Are you willing to believe God even when everything around you looks gloomy? Are you willing to take what you see in His Word and truly apply it to your life, holding onto it with all of your might?

If you are willing to be one of those people, you will receive more. Whoever has, to him shall more be given.

Hold on. Believe. And you will see God’s mighty hand move beyond your expectations!