downy woodpecker-600God is determined to let the people know who their leader is.

Numbers 17 – 19

Yesterday we were reading about the rebellion of some leaders, and how the Lord dealt so sharply with them. Well, today He is determined to let the people know who is their leader.

So God orders that twelve rods – one from the leader of each tribe – be brought and put in the tent of testimony. The rod of the man God chooses shall sprout as a sign of His calling.

It’s interesting what God says here, “Thus I shall lessen from upon Myself the grumblings of the sons of Israel, who are grumbling against you.” He is saying that when people grumble against God’s man, they are grumbling against Him. How about that?

Well we see that Aaron’s rod not only sprouted, but put forth blossoms, and even bore ripe almonds. I would say that this pretty well endorsed Moses and Aaron before the people.

When God is trying to accomplish something in the earth, He is still using individuals to lead the way. He calls a man or woman and gives them directions concerning His plan. God doesn’t stand still and tread water the way we humans do. He wants to continue to move forward.

Very often, as God moves forward, He introduces new ways of doing things, and that’s where the problem comes in. Many people want to keep the status quo, or they want to continue in the path they know. So often, when God is using a man to do something different, he constantly encounters grumblers.

Grumblers, however, will never be on God’s cutting edge. They will never be able to see a new path forward, and they will seldom be able to recognize God’s man. It’s sad for them, because often these grumblers, just like the rebellious ones in Moses’ day, think that they are right with God and that their attitudes are legitimate.

If you will think about it, the one attitude which always goes with this grumbling is pride. Yes, pride, the very nature of Satan, who thought he could rise up against God Himself. Whew!!

Dear Lord, today I want you to forgive me for any grumbling I may have had against your leaders which you have put in my life. I want to honor them and see your hand upon them. I want to be humble enough to be willing to change direction when you say. I know that they are human and make mistakes, but I also know that this is your way of bringing new concepts to your church.

I love you, Lord, and trust you to lead us forward.

Mark 6:30-56

The miracles increase!

In this passage we see Jesus, not only healing the sick and casting out demons, but performing miracles involving the elements. Creative miracles. When the crowd needs food, the fish and loaves multiply exponentially. When Jesus needs to get out to the boat of His disciples, He walks on the water.

What we are seeing is the Kingdom of God trumping the natural kingdom. As a reminder, there are two kingdoms operating in the earth today. The natural one and God’s kingdom, the more powerful one.

Even though God’s kingdom is more powerful, it doesn’t frivolously operate, but when there is need. Jesus didn’t multiply the loaves and fish just to do a “magic trick,” but He did it because the people were hungry. He walked on the water because He needed to get to the boat.

Today miracles are still happening where there is need – and belief. Faith is required, along with a humble heart truly dedicated to God.

I have seen a few miracles, but I want to see more, don’t you? I want to be one whom God can use to open blind eyes and deaf ears. One who can be entrusted with the gifts of the spirit to operate in a great way.

Dear Father, let us see your majesty and glory displayed in a greater way than ever before. Increase our faith, and let us see your mighty Hand at work.