Deuteronomy 30-31

If anyone doesn’t understand the importance of honoring Israel, let that person read Deuteronomy 30. Just as God had spoken to Abraham and told him that his descendents would go into another country and after 400 years be brought out by signs and wonders, God now speaks through Moses that the nation will eventually follow after other gods and be cast into many corners of the earth.

But at the right time, God will restore them.  He will “gather them again from all the peoples where the Lord your God  has scattered them. ..If their outcasts are at the end of the earth, from there the Lord their God will gather them, and from there he will bring them back.” (V. 3-4).He will bring them back to their land and “they shall possess it”.(v.5).

In 1948, Israel was restored as a nation. (That’s what some of the ruckus is about over there. The Muslims don’t like them being there). Since that time, it has been a miracle what has happened.

Jews from all over the globe have moved to Israel – just like God promised in these verses. Without any good explanation, these people have had a desire to move to the land of Abraham, their father. Sometimes without even knowing it, they were being drawn by God Himself.

God will perform His Word. He knows the end from the beginning and when He says something will happen, rest assured, it will happen.

There are many more declarations which God has made, and they too will come to pass..

In the end, every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. (Philippians 2:10). The blessed ones will say it this side of the grave.

Mark 15: 1-23

The crowds, the crowds. We love to be acclaimed by the crowds, don’t we?

That’s the nature of unregenerate man. He always wants to be highly esteemed.

So the leaders of the Jews fight for their place of honor, and deliver Jesus to the Romans. Now Pilate takes up his fight and pleases the crowd also.

He knows that the chief priests deliver Him because of envy, and that they stir up the crowds to want Barabbas, the thief, released instead of Jesus. But Pilate also wants to please the crowd, so he goes right along, in spite of his knowledge.

That desire for fame and reputation can be dangerous for any of us. Oh, I know that we won’t be called upon to kill Jesus. That day has come and gone. But when it isn’t popular, are we willing to stand up for Him?

Do we keep quiet when we should be holding Him up? Or is popularity more important?

In our day and in our culture boldness for Jesus may not be the norm. Yet there are many of our friends and acquaintances who have never met Him, and even may have a false idea of just who He is.

Are we willing to take the risk? If we get prompted by Holy Spirit to share with an individual at work, whom do we go with: God or man?

True disciples have to look foolish sometimes.

Lord, help me to be obedient, regardless of the cost. I’m Yours when its popular, and I’m Yours when it isn’t.