Joshua 7-9

When there’s sin in the camp, God won’t be with you.

We talked yesterday about the significance of having the heart circumcised if we want to take our Promised Land. These Israelites had consecrated themselves, but there was one who didn’t take it seriously enough.

God had told the Jews not to take any of the spoils from Jericho. Yet Achan saw a beautiful Babylonian garment, some shekels of silver, and a bar of gold, and he just had to have them. So he took them and dug a hole to hide them in his tent. No one would ever know. Right?

Wrong. God knew and He was very displeased. He wanted obedience from His people, and He didn’t get it.

The next city to take was so small that they only needed a few hundred men to take it. So they went up against tiny Ai and were chased away. God was not with them, and they were defeated.

Of course, all of the Jews – including Joshua – were confused and dismayed, until the truth was revealed. Then the sin had to be dealt with – harshly.

There is a big lesson for us today. We sometimes think that “what no one knows” doesn’t matter. But that’s a wrong attitude. God always knows, and He is the important one.

You may say, well I am not stealing or committing adultery or indulging in drugs on the side. Well that’s good.

But what about unforgiveness! Are you holding a grudge against that guy who “did you wrong?” Or what about doubt and unbelief? Are you really believing and trusting in God? Then there’s pride. Do you think that you are better than someone else because of education, or social standing, or talent, or even your goodness?

These are the hidden sins – hidden in the tent of our hearts, where no one can see. Except God. And He’s the one who matters.

I find that my walk with God benefits by doing a cellar search every now and then. As we are worshipping God, it’s good to let Him take a good look and tell us what He finds. Then repent and ask for His grace to strengthen you in those weak areas.

We won’t get stoned in this day. Instead, if we really want to walk with Him, He will empower us to do better next time.

I am so thankful that we live in this day and on this side of the cross.

There is such joy when we live in true holiness, walking with our Lord and abiding in Him.

Luke 1:21-38

Remember yesterday we talked about words being important? Well today we have a whopper of an example.

After the word to Zacharias is fulfilled and Elizabeth is six months pregnant, the angel Gabriel appears to Mary. She is engaged to Joseph, and still a virgin.

As Gabriel speaks the Word of God and Mary accepts it, she becomes pregnant with the Son of God. I believe that the Word spoken is the actual seed of God planted in Mary’s womb. (Before you say that his is too Star Wars for you, think about it).

Jesus has said that the Word is like a seed, planted in the heart of man – to produce. When the Word is spoken to Mary, she says : “Behold, the bondslave of the Lord; be it done to me according to your Word.”(v.38)

Her faith in God causes her to receive His Word and receive the promise.

He has made many promises to all of us. Not to give birth to the Savior, of course, but to give birth to other facets of His plan. He has promised awakening to many of us, as we have prayed for our territories.

Now what do we say? Do we say, “Be it done to us according to Thy word?’ I hope so. He wants to give birth to many parts of His plans and purposes – through us, as we believe and act on what He tells us.

Our God is mighty and His Word is mighty. If we believe Him when He speaks, we will see great and mighty things occur!