indigoNumbers 34-36

The land gets divided. The time has almost come for entering the new territory. There must have been excitement, and there must have been fear. To enter the territory was thrilling and it was scary.

It’s interesting how much detail is put into making sure that the tribes don’t start gaining the others’ property. Marriages are to stay within the tribes so that outsiders won’t come in and inherit the land of another family.

The land of inheritance is so important to God. The land is still important to Him today. When you look around your community, think about it.

God created the earth to be inhabited, and He wants all of it to be blessed, but we have a part to play in that. Pray for your land. Pray for God to open the eyes of the hearts in your land. Pray for there to be repentance and turning from sin.

As sin is driven out, and hearts turned to Him, great blessings come to our territories.

Mark 9:30-50

Jesus seems always to be going against our nature. We want to be top dog. We want to be highly acclaimed and honored. Yet here He is saying that the greatest are to be the servants of all.

What?! That’s so against what we would do naturally, but it’s the way of Jesus. In fact, He is our example. Jesus became the servant of all by going to the cross. He put Himself in the lowest position possible, so that He could save us.

James 4:6 says that “God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” He later says in verse 10, to “humble yourselves in the presence of God, and He will exalt you.”

Satan fell from Heaven because he was proud and thought that he could rise above God. Pride is an abomination to God. So Jesus came, humble, not trying to exalt Himself, and He has been exalted to the highest place of honor. His name is above every name. While Satan has been cast out of God’s presence forever.

Oh, that makes me want to be humble. We all have areas of pride that try to rise up, but I want to denounce those areas.

I’ll let God choose my path. The greatest place in His eyes is being a servant, so that’s what I want to be.

Do you need anything? Let me get it for you.