egret in waterSo how do you rate your relationship with God? Do you know Him? Do you talk to Him? Do you hear Him speak to you? Do you get up in the morning with exhilaration over another day to spend with Him?

I’ve walked with my Creator for many years now and there is one thing of which I am certain: all of us have room to grow in our relationship with Him. Whether you are a beginner or a teacher of many there is always more to learn about Him and there is always a deeper fellowship to be obtained.

One of my favorite passages in the Bible illustrates this concept. In Ezekiel 47, the prophet had a vision. An angel showed him water flowing from God’s altar out onto the land, becoming deeper and deeper as it flowed.  Then the angel walked with Ezekiel out into the water. He measured up to his ankles and stopped. Then up to his knees and stopped again. Up to his loins and stopped. Finally he took Ezekiel out into deep water: water where you swim. When they were in the deep water, trees were growing on the banks – trees which bore fruit in every season and whose leaves brought healing.

As the angel returned to the shore with the prophet, he explained the vision. The water represented the Holy Spirit of God flowing from His heavenly throne, and the levels of water represented the different levels of a person’s walk as he pursues a relationship with the Lord. The angel went on to say that the very shallow water was too salty and “nothing could live there.” The greatest healing of mankind was in the deepest water – the “water where you swim.”

The first time I truly meditated on this passage, my life was changed forever. I could see where I had been and where I wanted to be. I had been standing in ankle deep water, just hoping and praying (which is code for. ” whining and crying”) that God would help me with my problems and answer my prayers. But there was such a greater life available if I would just step into it. So I began to walk out toward the deep. The river is very wide, has an incredibly strong current to carry you, and there is always more on the horizon. The most exciting place to be in this life is to be swimming in that river of God, letting His current propel you toward your purpose.

My prayer for us today is that this year will be the year we purpose to wade out into the deep. No longer will we be satisfied with splashing around in shallow water, when there is so much more available. God is beckoning us to step out into more – more understanding of Him, more fellowship with Him, more wisdom in our lives, more fruit, more gifts, just more!

I’m ready. Are you?

P.S. I have been asked to repeat a challenge which we accomplished a couple of years ago. For the next 28 days, let’s examine our prayer lives and walk out into deeper water. Let’s grow together.