For the last thirty years or so, there has been a lot of teaching about faith. In fact, so much so, that sometimes we think, okay, I’ve got that, you don’t need to say anymore. Yet if we were really walking in the faith that God desires for us, we would be light years ahead of where we are – in ourselves, our homes,and our communities.

So what’s the problem? What is this thing called faith, and why aren’t we operating in more of it?

The God kind of faith is like hands which reach up and receive the best that our God has for us. It starts with believing His Word, and it continues with prayer, speaking God’s Word, action, patience, and determination to see that Word fulfilled. So we can do that, right?

The problem is our senses and our reasoning. Our minds look around and see what’s happening…and I will never deny it. That stuff is really happening. People are in turmoil, greed, lust, jealousy, selfishness, and evil of all kinds. Our bodies may hurt, our families may be broken, and often times we just settle with the circumstances at hand.

But God’s Word says something different. So we have to burn that image He has provided into our psyches. It won’t just happen; it takes diligence to do it. He says in Joshua 1:8 we have to meditate on that Word day and night. That’s the way we will begin to believe it.

There is something supernatural about the Bible. When we meditate on that Word, there will be a transformation within us. With no external proof, we will begin to believe it. We will begin to believe that Jesus paid a price for something greater than we know. We will begin to believe that God’s desire for us is greater than we think. We will begin to “see” with our minds a change coming.

That’s when we will take action and find the determination to see that Word manifested in the earth.

So let’s do it. What is the area of your greatest need? Is it health? Is it finances? Is it a change in your family relationships? Find the scriptures God has for you on that subject. Begin to meditate on those scriptures. Do it everyday. Say to yourself, that’s what I will believe, regardless of what it looks like around me.

You will start what my husband calls the “cycle of life,” which will bring you to your desired end. It may take time, but you won’t stop. You will reach up with those “faith hands” and receive what your Father has for you.