Are You Settling For The Norm?

Are You Settling For The Norm?

My grandson, Charlie, recently sat on my lap and, with wide eyes, began to tell me his story. Spiderman, Batman, Pink Venom, Black Venom, and Green Goblin were having a “spend-the-night party.” He animatedly continued to create this adventure, which eventually led to a gi-normous (that’s bigger than gigantic or enormous alone) box falling on them and they had to fight it off.

All of us hearing the three year old elaborate enjoyed listening to his imagination on steroids. What a creative mind!

Later, in a quieter moment, I began to think how we adults lose that creativity. What happens to it? Why are we always so methodical and logical about our visions? Why do we always settle for the “norm?”

If everyone “settled for the norm,” we would have none of the cutting edge technology, space travel, or medical wonders of our generation. So some are not settling, but how about you? How about me?

The Bible says that faith is the substance of things “hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen.” The “hoped for” is the thing I want to talk about today. The hope is like a blueprint in your mind of what you are believing for. If you don’t have a picture in your mind of what you are believing for, then how can you have faith for it? You can’t! (more…)