Are you ready to soar with God? Would you like to? He’s ready if you are.

So what do I mean by the word “soar?” My husband, Mickey, has used the analogy of a hotair balloon. When we focus on our Father God and His Word, and when our lives are truly committed to Him, our perspective changes. The air of His Spirit lifts us up above the circumstances. We are no longer looking around – eye-level with the problems and evils of the world. We see things through God’s eyes. We understand the hurts and frustrations of those who hurt  us. We know that there is a bigger plan for us than the petty day-to-day routines of life. We have purpose and we have power – power to overcome challenges;  power which can only come from our Creator.

You may think of yourself as too small or too insignificant to matter very much to God. If so, you are wrong. You are precious and extremely important to your Father. Do you consider yourself  a “simple person?” Well I have tremendous news for you! That’s who God is looking for. In fact, if you think of yourself as more sophisticated, you are going to have to take off all of those prideful wares and strip down as the camel going through the eye of the needle. God isn’t looking for self-sufficient ones, but for those who rely on Him and His Spirit to live their lives and accomplish His will. To put it another way, the old adage is true: the way up is down-down on our knees and down in our own eyes. Then He will lift you up.

Barbara Yoder in a recent blog post put it another way. She had a dream which was very involved (you should go to her blog to read the entire explanation). I want to share part of it. She saw a huge building which represented a church, open into the world so that there was little difference between the two. Not much was happening there. Then she found something very significant going on in the basement – hidden from the view of men.  What Is This Revival? How Should We Prepare?

I had to go down to the lowest level to get to the meeting. This revival was happening underground.

Something that is underground is hidden, concealed, covert. The underground church in China has been the hidden church. It is vibrant, alive and advancing but hidden to the general public and government. It isn’t visible.

There is something deeply significant of spiritual life, vibrancy and revival that begins in hidden parts and places. I believe this speaks both about individuals and corporate bodies, churches and gathering places where God is breaking out in a reviving power. What is starting to unfold must first start with hungry, humble, desperate people who have no agenda other than to know God and be known by Him. They aren’t seeking to be seen in any way, famous or become a famous revival center but are singularly desperate for God. A simple people, seeking a simple yet holy God, who above all else want God’s heart to be their heart and vice versa.

If your heart is calling you to be part of God’s current plans in the earth, don’t let anything stop you. It is your Heavenly Father who calls and empowers you. The size of your town or your church doesn’t matter. Neither does your social status nor your bank account. A soft, pliable heart is what He requires. If you will exchange your will for His and your reputation for His, He will lift you up and cause you to bear much fruit. What a call! What a privilege!

I pray that you will choose to soar with the many who are rising up today.