I often tell a story about my granddaughter, Lauren. When she was in second grade, as a school project, Lauren had to give an oral report on her favorite state. Since she lives in Atlanta, we were flattered that she chose Mississippi, where we live. Her accompanying prop was a white poster board with many symbols of our state. The symbols included a Magnolia blossom, items related to the zoo we visit, certain facts, and a tiny (and I do mean tiny) dot with the words “Blue Mountain,” our town. The dot and words were cut out of a map and placed right in the center of the poster.

We couldn’t help but chuckle. From the display, there was no context at all. Just a tiny dot and tiny words. There was no way of knowing where the town was located, or anything else about it – except that it was small.

I sometimes think that we are like that about the Bible. We pull verses out of the Bible and put them on the refrigerator. Without the proper context, there are times when we totally miss the meaning. The words would mean so much more if we would read them in the framework around them.

I am all for the big picture. When we delve into the context and continuity of scripture, we begin to see things more clearly. We begin to see a long-term plan of God unfolding. We begin to see His nature. We begin to catch a glimpse of His love and mercy towards all of mankind. We begin to know Him personally.

People have asked my why I am always exhorting others to read the Bible in its entirety. This is why. Other peoples’ books encourage you, inform you, and lift you up. God’s book will change you. It’s truly one of the greatest miracles in our world today!

Many blessings, and forever upward!

Suellen Estes150