Our God is so amazing! When his plans need to be accomplished, He goes to men and gives them assignments.

These assignments come in many different ways. Sometimes the men have dreams or visions. Other times they just seem to have a driving desire to do this or that.

But one thing is for sure: These men and women are never perfect. Right in the middle of their mission from God, they make mistakes – sometimes egregious mistakes. (And those are never a part of God’s plan).

That’s the way it was when Columbus discovered the Americas. And it’s the way it was when the United States of America was fo

So here we are. Though God’s hand was on the founding, there were people who were hurt in the process.

What do we do now?

If we will allow ourselves to be a part of supernatural repentance and supernatural forgiveness, we will see God’s supernatural hand turn our country around.

We can look at where God has been in the history of the USA, and we can recapture the zeal for His plan.

I am including today six free articles which you may use as you wish. They show God’s hand on the beginnings of our nation. God’s plan was perfect. The messes were from man.

Let’s sift through and find God’s plan in the middle of all of this, and let’s take up the torch to complete His mission – in a Godly way.

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In the meantime, Let’s Keep Praying and Keep on Soaring!!