Is It a Shiny Object or Is It a Tool?

Is It a Shiny Object or Is It a Tool?

Introducing the World’s Greatest Bundle

Sometimes the internet business can seem overwhelming. We look for answers online, and we make a purchase of training or software, because we think that this is our answer. They promise us that it is.

But it isn’t.

So we look for another answer.

If we aren’t careful, we can jump from one promise to another and never make it happen.

That’s what is referred to as the “Shiny Object Syndrome.”

The truth is that some of those “Shiny Objects” do work, but they are part of the whole – and not the complete package.

That’s why I like the Big Picture approach.

Think about a spy movie you might have seen. Back in the headquarters, surrounded by a sci-fi version of computer screens, the experts are doing a search. They are looking for a couple of bad guys who are hiding in a tent in a north African desert.

They start focusing satellites toward the general area until they spot something which might be their target. So they zoom and zoom until they clearly see these people along with their cohorts, their tents, trucks, and ammunition. Zoom a little more, and the faces become clear.

The big picture first and then detail, and your plans begin to work.

That’s why it’s important to have a vision in mind. What do you want to accomplish? Who is your audience? How will you make money?

When these big picture foundations are laid, then the pieces begin to fit. Like a big puzzle.

Using another example…

When you dump out the pieces of a 1000 piece puzzle and pick up one piece, you have no idea where this piece might fit. But you look at the picture on the box. You lay your border pieces, and you begin comparing each piece to the picture. Bit by bit, you will be able to put it all together.

It’s similar with your internet business.

You will begin to understand why you need a website, and how to maximize its impact.

Why you need an email list.

Why you need to connect with others.

Why you need social media.

Why you need SEO.

And you will continue to grow in your ability to apply these pieces.

Your bottom line will also grow. Your bottom line and your influence.

Let me encourage you to spend some time really honing in on your vision of where you are going and what you want to do. Make it clear. Get pictures in your mind. Write the vision. Set up a vision board.

Then it will be easier to see what to do next.

Then you will be ready for the pieces of training to help you reach your goal.

Those important trainings will be tools and not shiny objects.

Now I want to make sure that you know about some excellent tools which are available this week only.

This week only, Dan Morris and Rachel Martin are offering their once-a-year Bundle of experts from around the world. It’s called BCStack 2020 and it’s famous as the biggest bundle ever. 65 collaborators from all over the world bring their trainings and products. Thousands of dollars worth for one small fee.

You will have 60 days to access the products. You can save them to your computer and use them as you are ready for each phase.

Dan and Rachel also have a Facebook group set up so that you can ask questions. They will be happy to share what would work best for each particular phase of your business. Just ask them.

This bundle would be too much for anyone to use immediately. But once you download the trainings, they are yours forever. You can pull them out to use whenever you are ready.

Be sure to check this bundle out HERE.

Remember, don’t let these be shiny objects which would take you on a tangent. Let them be a collection of tools for use over a period of time. You will be glad you have them available.



Draw Your Crowd

Draw Your Crowd

I “overheard” an interesting twitter conversation recently. Two marketers were discussing fun facts, when one dropped a bombshell.

Back in the nineties when he started his online business, this marketer encountered a guy named Jeff Bezos on a forum. Bezos had started an online bookstore called Amazon Books, and he was thinking about opening it up for affiliate marketing. What did everyone think?


Little did any of those know that today Jeff Bezos would be one of the richest men in the world. And largely because of the affiliate marketing he was discussing.

By affiliate marketing, Bezos had opened his business to friends – and friends’ friends. And on and on until he reached the tipping point.

This conversation started my mind popping. What if he had decided not to affiliate market?

Let’s look at another scenario…

What if Jeff Bezos had opened up a Book Rack Kiosk at one end of a mall in mid America? Where would he be today?

True, he has an excellent product – with great delivery and customer service. But without the visibility he received through marketing, would never have reached its present position.

Marketing is key for the success of any business – and especially for one that’s on the internet.

So we put up our blogs or websites. We work hard to make sure that they look beautiful and that they work properly. We add special themes and plugins. We solicit the aid of sophisticated software.

But for this to be successful, somebody has to come and buy. If nobody notices, we are just playing. If nobody comes, it’s a hobby. And it can grow to be an expensive hobby.

On the other hand, all of this work can be the foundation for a very successful business. One which is successful and prosperous. One which makes us lots of money. One which provides lots of satisfaction and reward for our efforts.

Out in that digital world there are enough clients and customers for all of us to have very successful businesses. When we learn how to reach out for them and let them know we are here, they will want what we have to offer. Then when we give them great benefit, they will be loyal customers.

So what do we do?

As always, we start with a vision and a plan. We look at the many marketing strategies which can work for us, and we decide how we are going to activate them.

We will start where we can, and we grow from there.

The main questions we ask ourselves are Where do we want to be in a year? In 5 years? And What do we have to do to get there?

My recommendation is that every day you “do” something to move forward your marketing goals. Whether it’s writing a blog post, engaging on Social Media, sending out a publicity pitch, or fine tuning your SEO.

It’s the everyday engagement and not a once-in-awhile big splash which makes things happen. (I know this from experience).

So do this..

Begin each day with purpose and determination, keeping focused on your goals.

As a Christian, I like to start my day with prayer. I know that God wants me to be successful in every endeavor, so I thank Him for His guidance and direction. I also thank Him for the people He is helping me to connect with, and for the opportunities which are becoming available.

I pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance. I also listen and attempt to stay focused on His direction.

I pray that I will not yield to distractions, but that I will be certain which doors are opening for me. I also pray for my creativity to flow in all of my endeavors.

And one more thing…

Let’s all realize that there is a big, wide world out there full of people who need to hear what we have to say. Or need to receive from us in some way.

As we prepare our products for them and then let them know through marketing, we will have more than enough clients to be over-the-top successful.

We”ll get there…let’s keep on Soaring!


P.S. My  book, How to Draw Your Crowd is coming soon. It’s a look at the many ways to get that crowd coming to your site. I’ll keep you posted.